What is Moodment? 

After two years in the making, my long awaited App Moodment is now available to download and it’s free for 7 days!

  • Moodment is a safe space for you to log off from the world and login to your mood.
  • To develop your coping mechanisms and allow your brain a moment of quiet through meditations and hypnosis.
  • To journal through the tough moments and learn about yourself.
  • To let go of that secret that is weighing you down or share it anonymously and learn that you are not alone.
  • To move your body is a way that doesn’t punish you but leaves you smiling.
  • My want for Moodment is to create a community of people who support, educate and grow together. To help each other through all the phases of our lives and understand that we have a body to enjoy, not to punish and a mind that needs to be understood not forced.

When did you decide to become a Personal Trainer?
I’ve been a PT for almost 8 years and during my time watched the industry change from a very male dominated area to an incredibly powerful place for all genders and it’s been the ultimate pleasure being a part of it. My workout ethos is all about feeling your best & moving in a way that helps you feel your best whatever lift throws at you!

Who did you do your Fitness qualifications with?
Lifetime and Premier Training, if you’re interested in becoming a Personal Trainer click here for a discount code and my top tips on choosing the right course for you.