Struggling for motivation? Fallen off the fitness wagon? Roll out of your bed and into a workout with me from anywhere in the world. Suitable for all fitness levels, abilities, pre or postpartum, LetsSweat is for you.

I’ve been subscribed to LetsSweat for 4 weeks, initially starting with watching the recorded programmes due to my schedule but for the past three weeks I have been joining the lives and they’ve been brilliant.

I never used to exercise in the morning and would often be too tired at the end of the day but now I get up and get it done before work and it makes me feel amazing.

The fact that you offer alternatives for every move is so helpful, I’m working out in a small apartment and I manage to workout without the neighbours knowing and I definitely get just as sweaty!

It’s great that you constantly check our form and explain how to avoid injury as in the past I’ve followed coaches who just want you to get it done as quick as possible even if your form and technique is terrible!! I really do feel like I’m getting stronger each session.

The variety is amazing! Having a different focus each week and even then, variety between each session, means I really feel like I’m getting the opportunity to strengthen and tone different muscle groups.

I’ve been doing the #letssweat zoom sessions for 4 weeks now and have loved every one of them! Not only has my fitness improved but I’ve also started to see visible changes in my body.

I feel great after the last 4 weeks and have definitely improved muscle tone and strength already- looking forward to the next 4 weeks!


Do you find food complicated? Let us guide you into food that leaves you feeling nourished and looking your best. LetsEat is not a meal plan, it’s a complete food overhaul, designed to help you fall back in love with food.

I started out with Leon‘s guidance in December and by January I lost 2.5kilos despite way too many Christmas cookies! Thanks to him I know what I need to focus on and how I can lose weight.

My goal was to lose a bit of weight and I can safely say I’ve never eaten so much and had so much energy whilst still making progress!

Leon was brilliant. I sent a video talking about me, my goals, my nutrition and how much exercise/training I do. Then Leon ran through it and gave me some key pointers for me to hit my goals.

I’d highly recommend signing up, it’s the best money I spent last year! Thank you so much.

Leon really helped me and having someone to bounce off how I was feeling about decisions really made a difference.


Grab your Passport and come join me for the Ultimate escape. My Retreats are designed to give you the time to reconnect with yourself and do the one thing so many of us struggle to do which is put yourself first!

I host Retreats all over the world with the aim of enabling you to discover more of the world, the people in it and the experiences that can really shape you.


Location: Cornwall
Date: 23rd - 26h June 2022


Location: Zakynthos, Greece
Date: 3rd April to 9th April 2022