We’ve ignored our moods for too long and expected our mind to simply follow along with our body but working out this way only leads to burn out and falling off the wagon. I want people to understand that to be human is to experience all moods and emotions but we don’t have to suffer by them.

That’s why I wanted to create Moodment. To be a support system, a community that understands that to get the best results out of yourself you need to listen to your body and mind. Somedays we just need to breathe and make it to the end of the day and other days we feel invisible. Moodment is here for all of it.

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Free 5 Day No repeat workout Series

Falling in love with moving your body can be hard which is why I created with free 5 day no repeat workout series perfect for all levels of fitness and ability! You need nothing but a mat , a water bottle and 20 minutes to move! Let me know how you got on and what you’d like to try next!

My book!

I remember the first time someone commented on my body, that I had hairy monkey arms, horse shaped teeth and long spiders legs. I dread that day for Jax which is why I wrote My Beautiful Body: A book about how your body is so much more then it’s size, shape, colour or ability – it can be your best friend too.

My mission for this book is for families to call their bodies beautiful, for your child to understand that their body is more than just a home and for you to realise that the labels you’ve given your body over time have no truth. I can’t wait for you to hear your little one shout loudly ‘my beautiful body!’.

My book is available worldwide via Amazon, Waterstones and Barnes and Noble


Grab your Passport and come join me for the Ultimate escape. My Retreats are designed to give you the time to reconnect with yourself and do the one thing so many of us struggle to do which is put yourself first!

I host Retreats all over the world with the aim of enabling you to discover more of the world, the people in it and the experiences that can really shape you.


Location: Yorkshire Dales
Date: 13th to 15th September 2023


Location: Olhão, Portugal
Date: 4th July to 9th July 2023

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