Workouts are always so much better when surrounded by others!

Born out of lockdown, #LetsSweat is hosted on Zoom. Suitable for all levels of fitness, from beginner to hardcore, pregnant or postnatal, with or without equipment and available worldwide. With the success of LetsSweat we have now added LetsBox, LetsBarre & LetsYoga to the class schedule which means there are now 6 classes per week for you to enjoy!

#LetsSweat, Box, Barre and Yoga together wherever you live, from the comfort of your own home.

Upcoming events:

  • Monday 14th June 6:15am: Cardio & Core
  • Tuesday 15th June 7am: LetsBox
  • Wednesday 16th June 6:30am: You Go I Go!

Class Pass

£3 one-time payment for a single class.

Please note that each class has a limited number of spaces so we can provide a more personal experience. So spaces might not be available all the time.

Can be any LetsSweat class, including LetsBox and LetsBarre.

No access to previous recordings or LetsEat.

* £3 for a single class.


£15 a month: 3 classes per week.

That's 12 classes per month & immediate access to any workshops or events.

Join a class whenever you like!

Download the past 30 days of class recordings to do at your own convenience.

Optionally include LetsEat during checkout.

* £15 per month. Cancel any time.


£25 a month: 6 classes per week.

That's 24 classes per month & immediate access to all workshops or events.

Access to all LetsSweat classes AND LetsBarre, LetsYoga & LetsBox additional classes.

Includes all LetsSweat membership benefits.

Optionally include LetsEat during checkout.

* £25 per month. Cancel any time.

Looking to purchase a gift for someone special? We now offer LetsSweat gift Cards!

A 45 minute class with Kiri, putting the ass in class. Prepare to upgrade how you move, by creating balance for the full body.

This class is designed to raise the heart rate and feel the burn in all the right places. With strategic bursts of arms, abs, ass & legs you’ll be sculpting muscles you didn’t know you had and finish feeling longer, stronger, stretched & satisfied.

Class is designed with inclusivity at it’s core, it is zero impact, there will be options available for you to modify throughout should you need to!

Equipment: Ideally a chair or something you can hold onto.


A 60 minute class with Anna, take a breath and give yourself time to reconnect with your body!

Yoga class is your time to energise and restore, to get stronger and more stable, and to let yourself feel flexy in mind and spirit as well as in body. You'll find yourself flowing, stretching, balancing, and most importantly linking your movement with your breath.

I aim to make yoga accessible for everyone, so don't worry if you can't touch your toes - yoga is all about you and your body, so there's options for everyone.

All classes will end with a savasana or meditation, so take this as your chance to let go of everything outside of yourself and your yoga mat.

Equipment: You'll need a yoga mat and a cosy blanket for savasana, and if you have blocks or a strap bring them along too but they're not vital.


A 40 minute workout for the mind and body with Bobby! No experience or equipment necessary, just bring plenty of GOOD VIBES.

During your class we will go through the basics of boxing, teaching you how to throw punches like a real boxer, boxercise this is not!

Together we will break down your Stance, Punches, Defence and Movement.

We turn up the heat with 10 x 3-minute rounds which will see you pushed both physically and mentally.

The rounds are broken up into HIIT style work with boxing combinations, bodyweight exercises, and even some interactive sparring with the coach. Each round will last 2:30mins with a 30-second rest.

We guarantee this workout will leave you feeling exhausted but exhilarated! See you in class!

Optional Workout Equipment

This equipment is useful but not essential. You can also do workouts using just your bodyweight.


After numerous requests for extra support outside of your workouts I’m excited to introduce you to LetsEat!

Food has become overcomplicated so lets make it simple and guide you into falling back in love with your food & the benefits that come from fuelling yourself correctly.

LetsEat is only available to LetsSweat members and is a one-off payment of £40.


I’ve been subscribed to LetsSweat for 4 weeks, initially starting with watching the recorded programmes due to my schedule but for the past three weeks I have been joining the lives and they’ve been brilliant.

I never used to exercise in the morning and would often be too tired at the end of the day but now I get up and get it done before work and it makes me feel amazing. I love having my workout done before breakfast and it gives me such a high for the rest of the day.

The fact that you offer alternatives for every move is so helpful, I’m working out in a small apartment and I manage to workout without the neighbours knowing and I definitely get just as sweaty! You also make it really inclusive for those working with injuries/pregnancy/no equipment/etc.

It’s great that you constantly check our form and explain how to avoid injury as in the past I’ve followed coaches who just want you to get it done as quick as possible even if your form and technique is terrible!! I really do feel like I’m getting stronger each session - I just wish I had some heavier weights now!

The variety is amazing! Having a different focus each week and even then, variety between each session, means I really feel like I’m getting the opportunity to strengthen and tone different muscle groups. There is enough repetition to notice a difference/feel the burn/SWEAT but having a warmup, a focus and mixing between EMOM/AMRAP etc means no workout feels too daunting.

I’ve been doing the #letssweat zoom sessions for 4 weeks now and have loved every one of them! Not only has my fitness improved but I’ve also started to see visible changes in my body. Although I try and make as many of the live sessions as I can, Its not always feasible around my work schedule, so it’s great to have the flexibility of having the recorded sessions. Carly’s infectious energy is so motivating and her sessions are accessible to all levels as she offers adaptations based on equipment or fitness level. The sessions are different every time which has really kept me motivated and Ive tried so many new exercises (who knew a sexy burpee was a thing!?). Thank you so much for making workouts enjoyable for me again!

I couldn’t recommend #LetsSweat enough. I’ve struggled with cardio based exercise for quite some time, and when I saw Carley had started offering these online zoom classes at such a reasonable price I thought ‘why not’. I’m the first to quit at something when I find something too hard, so the fact I’ve now done it for 4 consecutive weeks and stuck to it goes to show how Carley programmes every session just right. I’m yet to have a session where I’m not dripping in sweat.There’s something so comforting about seeing familiar faces during this uncertain time and the energy and enthusiasm Carley brings to every session is just so admirable. If your debating joining, honestly, just do it, it’s hands down the best thing I’ve invested in during lockdown. Also… I could have written so much more, but had to write it, cut and write again to get everything I wanted to say into such a small little paragraph. Also let me know if its too long...

I’ve been following Carly for at least 7 years and doing her YouTube workouts when they’re posted. I’ve been in and out of fitness over the years due to severe self esteem issues or injury, so never dedicated myself to it. At the start of lockdown, I wasn’t particularly happy with my body and my anxiety was at an all time high. I started doing some exercise during my lunch break whilst working from home to keep my mind occupied and then Carly released the stay at home sweat videos which I really enjoyed. I tried doing around 3/4 videos a week until it was announced that zoom classes would be starting and I jumped at the chance! Joining in with the live classes is such fun, but definitely are a challenge. I don’t think I’ve sweat this much in my life! (The fun waddle the day after is particularly funny to my boyfriend). Carly is super motivating and offers adaptions for any problems you may have. I love that the workouts are saved for the times I’m unable to join live, so can still do them later on. Most importantly, my body is looking the best it ever has. My legs are finally looking toned and I swear there are some ab lines forming! My mental health is a lot better than it was as well which is a bonus. So thank you Carly for getting this half-hearted fitness girl in to loving getting fit and strong.

I feel great after the last 4 weeks and have definitely improved muscle tone and strength already- looking forward to the next 4 weeks!