After numerous requests for extra support outside of your workouts I’m excited to introduce you to #LetsEat!

Food has become overcomplicated so lets make it simple and guide you into falling back in love with your food & the benefits that come from fuelling yourself correctly.

How much does it cost?

#LetsEat is a one-off payment of £40.


From my time with Leon, I’ve learnt not to focus on the calories in the foods I’m eating but rather the nutrients I’m getting and how to build well-balanced and satiating meals. My goal was to lose a bit of weight and I can safely say I’ve never eaten so much and had so much energy whilst still making progress!

Leon was brilliant. I sent a video talking about me, my goals, my nutrition and how much exercise/training I do and then started tracking my food on MyFitnessPal for a full week. Then Leon ran through it and gave me some key pointers for me to hit my goals. We spoke each week on how things has gone as well as any questions I had during the week. To forward to the end, I’ve lost 2kg and 3% body fat. The body fat is all I’m concentrating on really although I’m not disappointed to lose the right weight!

I started out with Leon‘s guidance in December and by January I lost 2.5kilos despite way too many Christmas cookies! Thanks to him I know what I need to focus on and how I can lose weight despite snacking or my love of pasta. excited to see what the next months will bring!

What’s great about Let’s Eat is that it’s tailored around your specific goals, activity level and lifestyle. There are no certainly no quick fix meal plans as it’s intended to support you with your long-term goals and beyond. I’d highly recommend signing up, it’s the best money I spent last year! Thank you so much.

Leon really helped me and having someone to bounce off how I was feeling about decisions really made a difference.

I started last week and knowing I have some structure already made a whole lot of difference. Sometimes I forget how important it is what I eat and how it affects me during the day. Anyone who is doubting whether it is the right time, go for it as we never truly have the perfect time for it, but reality is our nutrition is not something to focus on when we have the perfect month, but everyday.

How does #LetsEat work?

⭐ Click the link to sign up to #LetsEat.

⭐ You will receive a confirmation email of your purchase.

⭐ Within 48 hours you will receive an introduction email from my #LetsEat Nutritionist explaining everything you’ll need to know for your upcoming food adventure!

What’s included in #LetsEat

⭐ We like to call it the Nutrition Overhaul!

⭐ Individual Consultation to chat through your current habits & potential areas for improvement.

⭐ Individual plan with prescribed calories and macronutrients to optimally support your training, performance & aesthetic goals.

⭐ Full Months support and SMS check-ins as needed.

IMPORTANT - you will not be prescribed a written meal plan, our goal is to educate & support you. With years of experience in this field we know that meal plans teach only to follow paper, cause restriction in life and leave you feeling lost when it’s finished, therefore needing to pay more down the line.