Welcome to #LetsEat, the nutrition side of #LetsSweat & created by YOU! After numerous requests for extra support outside of your workouts I’m excited to introduce you to #LetsEat!

Food has become overcomplicated so lets make it simple and guide you into falling back in love with your food & the benefits that come from fuelling yourself correctly.

How much does it cost?

#LetsSweat membership is £15 a month for 3 classes per week and unlimited downloads.

#LetsEat is only available to members and is a one-off payment of £40.

If you are already a #LetsSweat member, please log in to your account before purchasing #LetsEat.

How does #LetsEat work?

⭐ Available to #LetsSweat monthly members only.

⭐ You will receive a confirmation email of your purchase.

⭐ Within 48 hours you will receive an introduction email from my #LetsEat Nutritionist explaining everything you’ll need to know for your upcoming food adventure!

What’s included in #LetsEat

⭐ We like to call it the Nutrition Overhaul!

⭐ Individual Consultation to chat through your current habits & potential areas for improvement.

⭐ Individual plan with prescribed calories and macronutrients to optimally support your training, performance & aesthetic goals.

⭐ Full Months support and SMS check-ins as needed.

IMPORTANT - you will not be prescribed a written meal plan, our goal is to educate & support you. With years of experience in this field we know that meal plans teach only to follow paper, cause restriction in life and leave you feeling lost when it’s finished, therefore needing to pay more down the line.