Introducing Moodment App

We’re not hiding our moods anymore, we’re owning it, feeling it and sharing it.

Welcome to: Moodment!

Instead of ignoring how you feel, Moodment encourages you to check in and then offers you workouts, meditations, hypnosis, posts, playlists and more to help uplift your mood. Think of it as a safe space to checkin with how you’re really doing, no judgement, just understanding and content to help guide you through whatever you’re going through,  there’s even the option to share anything thats weighing you down anonymously, simply let it go.

What is Moodment and why did I create this App? – Carly Rowena 

We’re taught to be a lot of things and one of those things is ‘to be happy’ but what if trying to be happy is what makes you feel the opposite? 

I’ve spent a lot of laps around the sun ignoring my gut feelings, intuition, moods and emotions in the pursuit of being what I think I should be and in total honesty, it didn’t leave me feeling all that great.

I’ve struggled with disordered eating, disordered thoughts and struggled with the full time job of being a people pleaser most of my life but after having my daughter there was this constant voice in my head telling me to stop listening to all the noise and start listening to myself.

I’m proud to say that I’ve invested a lot of time and money into understanding myself which has meant working through trauma, learning to slow down, letting go of toxic people, learning to believe in myself and doing what feels right for me which is where Moodment comes in.

For years I exercised and ate for the wrong reasons, im not mad at myself for it, it was the culture at the time and I didn’t know any better but my wish for you, my daughter and the community on this app is for you to understand how your mood and environment around you effects your day. I want you to take a little control back.

*Moodment is a safe space for you to log off from the world and login to your mood.

*To journal through the tough moments and learn about yourself.

*To let go of that secret that is weighing you down or share it anonomously and learn that you are not alone.

*To develop your coping mechanisms and allow your brain a moment of quiet through meditations and hypnosis.

*To move your body is a way that doesn’t punish you but leaves you smiling.

* My want for Moodment is to create a community of people who support, educate and grow together. To help each other through all the phases of our lives and understand that we have a body to enjoy, not to punish and a mind that needs to be understood not forced.

How to make Moodment work for you?

What to do:

1. Create your profile in the App.

2. Share a picture or post introducing yourself to the Moodment Community. Share why you downloaded the app and what you’d love to achieve or find on here.

3. Create a healthy routine for yourself by thinking about when Moodment might be best for you. For example, if you struggle with your mindset then logging in and listening to a meditation or hypnosis first thing in the morning could be perfect.

4. Don’t stay too long. This App has been designed to give you a selection of content but not a long stream of content. This is so that unlike social media platforms you can actually get to the bottom of your feed and feel finished. The App has more content than you’ll find in your feed so if what you want isn’t there, use the search bar and explore.

5. Get to know the best way to move your body depending on your mood! There are lots of workouts in Moodment from short to long, high intensity to relaxing flows and yoga, with new content being created every week. If you’re looking to find a great starting place why not try the Moodment 5 Day challenge! Find what makes you feel your best and if there’s something you’d like to see, let us know and we’ll create it!

6. Feeling overwhelmed by something or simply want to let go of something that has been weighing you down? Click on the secrets tab and type it out, you can choose to let it go or share anonymously.

7. Here to make friends, TELL the community! Share what’s missing in your life and what you’re looking for. If there’s an event you want to go to, an activity you want to to try or place you want to visit, share it with the group and we’ll help you find the people to make memories with.

Moodment is here for everyone and I can’t wait to see you connecting with your mood in the App.

Click here for you free 7 day trial, available on Apple or Android.