I Wrote A Book! | My Beautiful Body

Of all the things I’ve created during my career this is something I can’t stop smiling about!

Back in December I found myself sitting on the floor while Jax played with her dinosaur and the words ‘I found it underneath my clothes’ popped into my head, followed by ‘My Beautiful Body.’ I can honestly say I hadn’t picked up a book between school and becoming a parent, I didn’t give myself the time and had completely forgotten the power in words that a book can bring.

It felt like the day I had Jax, reading a book to her suddenly became a part of our daily routine and I loved the bond that came with it. I loved escaping into new worlds each night, smiling over the images and watching her discover each new image on the page. Suddenly I found myself thinking in rhyme and then before I knew it, I had the words for this book in the notes section on my phone.

I knew nothing about publishing a book and during the height of Covid it felt even harder to find the right people, so I decided to self-fund it.

The crazy part is it was that very week that Alex from Alf and Florence messaged me on instagram to ask if I would take part in her mindfulness colouring book – it felt like someone was watching over me because as soon as I clicked on her instagram I knew we were going to illustrate ‘My Beautiful Body’ together!

I remember the first time someone commented on my body, that I had hairy monkey arms, horse shaped teeth and long spiders legs. I dread that day for Jax which is why I wrote My Beautiful Body: A book about how your body is so much more then it’s size, shape, colour or ability – it can be your best friend too.

My mission for this book is for families to call their bodies beautiful, for your child to understand that their body is more than just a home and for you to realise that the labels you’ve given your body over time have no truth. I can’t wait for you to hear your little one shout loudly ‘ my beautiful body!”

My book is available worldwide via Amazon, Waterstones and Barnes and Noble and I cannot wait to see your photos and read your reviews, it means everything to me!