Bored of working out? You’re not alone, which is why I wanted to share how I still have a love of exercise, 15 years after I began.

Same Old: Are you still doing the same things you started with? If you’re following an old workout plan, DVD, old YouTube video or perhaps taking a class that needs a serious reboot, then it’s no wonder you’ve lost your mojo for moving. Just like your workout clothes, your workouts need changing regularly, not only to test your body but to keep you interested! It’s time you treated yourself to a new personal trainer, downloaded a new workout guide, app or perhaps tried a new class or skill.

Time:The time of day that you choose to exercise can really impact how effective your workout is. Ask yourself if you’re a morning, afternoon or evening person. When do you have your most energy? If you’re a productive morning person who has pushed their workout to late evening, then it’s not going to be the most optimal time for you. If you’re cramming your workout in during lunch when you really just need to eat some food and breathe for a second, then you’re never going to feel like sweating. Switch your workouts into working for you, choose your best and most optimal time and watch as you actually start to feel like exercising.

Results: No-one wants to workout if they aren’t noticing a difference. If you’re purely focusing on aesthetic based results then its no wonder you’re getting bored. Change doesn’t happen overnight and it’s certainly not easy but it IS doable. Switch up what you call ‘results’, start tracking your heart rate, steps, calories, time, reps, weights etc. and watch as you, not only notice a difference but feel more motivated to push for more. Once you start to take in those results, that’s when you will suddenly notice that your body has followed suit too!