This post includes a collaboration with A.S.Helsingö. 

Working from home can sound like the dream but if you don’t have your own space to work from it can really feel like you’re getting nowhere fast. Since having our little girl the guilt to put away the laptop and play with her 24/7 has felt huge but with my own online business, it’s just not possible. I had always wanted an office at home but life meant that our office space soon turned into the junk, washing and piles of ironing room, sigh! When we looked at redecorating the house this was also the room that became full of the boxes and items that were going to go into all of the other rooms so it was left feeling unloved for over 6 months! I’m thrilled to say, it is now a very loved and very used space!

Desk: When creating your home office your workspace needs to be something that makes you feel creative and gives you as much space as possible. I wanted a desk that I could really sprawl out on and wouldn’t feel cramped, so we decided to combine our storage with our desk. We fell in love with these sideboard units from A.S.Helsingö and were so happy when they kindly offered to collaborate with us, as we knew it would be the perfect way to combine both the storage we needed and a workspace. A.S.Helsingö have over 16 colours and three different styles and are built on top of IKEA METOD cabinet frames so you really can create the perfect sideboard for your home. We opted for this beautiful water green fronts with white oak sides and it’s made the room feel so relaxing.

Paint: We knew we wanted the room to be as bright as possible because it would be used for filming and photography as well as writing, so we stuck with Farrow and Ball in Brilliant White but also added this tongue and groove effect on the back wall to create a feature to the room and add some texture.

Frames & Shelf: To make the space a little cosier and to be able to share some of our favourite items, we customised this stunning shelf also seen in our main bathroom from Oak Store Direct. It was certainly a little pricier for a shelf but we needed something that would run the length of our room and it’s simply beautiful! A photo gallery is something I’m always finding myself pinning on Pinterest and so I couldn’t wait for these frames and prints to arrive from EFrame. The website couldn’t be simpler and you can completely customise your look and get it all sent ready to hang!