Being in love with yourself Being in love with yourself

There’s a lot of emphasis in our culture on romantic love, so many of us think that the right partner will somehow make us ‘whole’, solve our problems and make everything around us make sense. I’m going to be real with you because that’s the only reason why you clicked on this post, NO-ONE can do those things for you! You have to find them yourself because being in love with yourself will open doors that no other person could open and it’s then, that you truly find love. Just like falling in love with someone else, falling in love with yourself is a daily practice, there’ll be highs, lows, fails and wins but it’s always worth it and below are my top tips to keep you on track.

Celebrate Your Wins – noting down your accomplishments whether big or small will highlight how much you’ve achieved, how capable you are and give you a sense of pride and admiration and we all know that feeling good about yourself, feels pretty damn warm inside!

Speak Kindly to Yourself – if the world could hear the things we said internally it would be a brutally cold place. I’m no superhero and have certainly spoken to myself negatively for years but that firmly changed when I was pregnant. How can you be unkind to a body that is creating life? Think about how you talk to yourself when no-one is listening, would you talk to the people you love like that? I’m pretty sure the answer is no, so tell that voice to shut up!

Listen – when was the last time you listened to yourself? I know it might sound crazy but if you don’t know what you want, need or how you’re feeling how can you nourish and take care of yourself? One of the best ways to listen to yourself is to meditate, journal, go for a walk or dance it out! Yes, I said it, dance it out to music, on your yoga mat or in the shower, whenever, wherever, try it! Trust me, it feels amazing.