Back when everyone was deciding on the new President and whether we’d vote yes or no to Brexit I quickly realised I was in a social bubble. Everyone I was following was saying no to Trump and no to Brexit, yet when the votes rolled in my bubble burst, there was a huge proportion of the world that voted differently and I wasn’t following them.

Recently while speaking on a Panel at the fabulous Self Love Summit we were asked how we protect our mental health on social media. It’s a question I’m often asked and my response is always to use the mute, block or unfollow button, however, one of the other ladies had a different answer and it’s one that really hit me.

She questioned who we were following and it’s something I’d never asked myself. I realised that my Instagram feed is made up of people who are doing the same thing as me and if I broke that down, I’m basically following my competition and it’s causing me to never feel like I’m doing enough. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the people I follow otherwise I would have muted the hell out of them but is following the people who are preaching the same thing and getting the same jobs empowering me or causing me to feel like I should be working harder?

I’ve decided to make a U-Turn, I don’t need to be following my competition and I certainly don’t need to spend my days thinking I’m not doing enough or being creative enough, so I’m going to opt for a little more diversity and I challenge you to do the same. Start following accounts that represent cultures, appearances and hobbies that are different to your own. I’ve only been doing it for just over a week and already I feel the social pressure has dropped, I’m falling in love with new topics, ethics and learning about the world. My feed is now interspersed with real life, not just outfits I’ll never have the money to own or time to wear and I’m not blasted with butts from every angle and I’m bloody loving it!

  • Follow five new accounts over the next week that differ to your norm.

  • Take a look at the people you are following, do they look like you?

  • Ask yourself why you’re following that account? Is it inspiration or competition?

  • What do you want from your social media? To shop, make friends, fall in love, travel?

Have you ever thought about this or do you feel like your following represents you? I’d love to hear your thoughts so please comment below!