As a first-time mum but avid traveller I had all these fears of how much harder it would be with a little one but in actual fact, it was so much more doable than people had told me. So, I wanted to share with you all my top tips on successfully packing for a sunshine holiday with an under 6-month-old! I have also uploaded a video sharing our entire trip including a “pack with me”, sharing all our wins and fails, just click here. 

Milk: If you’re breastfeeding then I’d recommend choosing bikinis that are simple enough for boob access and if you want to sit in the sun while you do it then I found a large muslin cloth and floppy hat meant you could cover your child and still feel the sun on your skin. If you’re bottle feeding then you need to remember to bring a couple of bottles, your choice of milk, sterilising tablets to keep them clean and a kettle. Not all hotel rooms have them but don’t panic if you forget, you might just have to ask at reception if the kitchen team can do it.

Washing: Something we wish we’d packed on our Greek trip was some washing detergent! Babies poop, wee and dribble over everything so to avoid having to take lots of outfits, save your suitcase allowance by washing and hanging worn clothes out in the sun to dry.

Carrier:  We love to walk and explore so decided to take our Xplory pushchair with the car seat instead of the normal seat. This way, we had the car seat for taxis to and from the airport and could put her in it of an evening when we headed out to dinner or if she needed a nap. We also took our Tula baby carrier which was perfect for walks to and on the beach and of course ice-cream stops! I also saw lots of people using their baby carrier for the airport which if your child is happy being carried certainly leaves your hands free for duty free shopping!

Hacks:  Holidaying with a little one is certainly different and you’ll certainly need to be more of a team if you want to make it as relaxing as possible. To make sure that we both got time to relax we took everything in 30-minute shifts! For example, my husband would lay in the sun while I played under the parasol and then after 30 minutes we’d swap to allow the other person some chill out time. Of course, you can’t go into the sea or pool together so for that you’re on your own. If your little one is yet to walk I’d recommend digging a hole under a parasol in the sand and popping a towel and a load of toys on top, it stops them from wiggling out and is a safe place for them to play.

Swimming: Jax has been going to swimming lessons since she was twelve weeks old and so we were super excited to get her into the sea and pool while away. However, we totally underestimated the fact that most pools abroad aren’t heated and are just too chilly for little bodies. If you want some pool time with your little one I’d really recommend a full-body swimsuit, baby warmer and of course a happy nappy to prevent any unwanted accidents in the pool.

Routine: We tried to stick to a routine as close to the one she has at home to make getting her to sleep easier. We’d relax by the pool or beach, come home and give her a bath with her toys from home, followed by a baby massage, change her into her sleep-suit and follow with a long feed. We’d then pop her into her car seat and stroller and head out for dinner where she’d usually fall asleep, meaning we could enjoy some drinks and a meal out like old times. Once back at our hotel room we’d give her a dream feed or normal feed if she was awake and then pop her into the hotel cot. It worked perfectly four nights out of five and I can’t recommend it more.  I’d love to hear what things you couldn’t travel without so please comment below!