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I know what you’re thinking, how can having a baby make you love your body? Previous to falling pregnant with Jax, I had a body I was comfortable with but was never satisfied, i always craved more, more muscles, less body-fat, bigger hips, boobs, smaller waist, you know the drill. When i found out i was five weeks pregnant i freaked, how big am i going to get? It’s normal to panic and if you didn’t then I envy you.

At six months pregnant I was in awe of my bump, I’d been able to train four to five times a week at my local CrossFit box and was still walking my dog at least 5k everyday, I felt incredible, stronger, powerful and damn right beautiful. I didn’t care about my weight, wasn’t training for aesthetics, ate whatever I craved and dressed for comfort, i’d never felt so relaxed, I was comfortable in my own skin and so damn impressed by my growing body.

I expected to hate my postpartum body and was ready for the unwanted weight, saggy belly, stretch marks and more but actually found my jelly tummy pretty damn liberating and nothing like I thought it would be. Something incredible and unexpected happened, having my daughter cured my body hangups, It was like a light switched on in my mind and suddenly previous expectations of myself stopped. I appreciate how incredible our bodies are and think of fuelling it over punishing it, i mindfully eat the foods I enjoy and train because I can, not because i want to look or be a certain way. I hope at some point you read this and feel the same.