Move over awkward exercise sweat and say ‘hello’ to leaky boobs. It’s officially fourteen weeks since I gave birth to our little girl and I’m still yet to get any control over my body. It’s just crazy how foreign your body can become to you when it’s been your home for so long.

For years my boobs were simply something for pleasure, now they’re keeping a little human alive and that has lead to some changes I never expected. Firstly, unexpected leaking is a nightmare! I’ve trialled every breast pad going, from washable to single-use and yet they always let me down and that’s when I actually remember to wear them! I’ve taught workout classes, been out to dinner and out shopping only to look down and see that fabulous wet patch appearing.

While I was looking forward to having larger boobs for the first time in my life, I never expected them to become so wonky! From morning to night they expand and shrink, changing in size and never looking the same which when you live in a sports bra makes them quite the conversation starter. Dressing your expanding boobs is never simple, your outfits are determined by how easy it is to get your boobs out, I spend most of my day putting on clothes only to sit topless to make life simpler.

The fizz is the last thing I have to confess to you all. Your boobs literally fizz when it’s feeding time and when I say fizz I can only describe it as having pins and needles in your boobs. It’s not a horrible feeling, it’s just like nothing you’ve ever felt before but is actually quite comforting and is my own bodies way of shouting FEEDING TIME! Just like the #normalisebreastfeeding movement, I want to make it ok to sport a leaky boob, awkward vagina sweat and all the things in-between, can I get a high five?

Wearing Varley Activewear, photos taken by Lydia Collins.