While I adore social media, I also long for simpler days when friends would pick up the phone to call and see how you are, had to spend minutes dialling up if you wanted to hop online and didn’t carry the entire world in your pocket. Once Jax was born I made a promise to myself to spend a little more time offline and made the commitment that on Sunday’s I would log off the internet and log in to the real world. I didn’t know what to expect but knew it would be a positive step for my mental health and would make sure I, for at least one day of the week, was mentally there with my family.  I wanted to share with you my Sunday Self Care checklist because not only did it seriously reduce anxiety, improve my creativity and productivity but it also helped me strengthen connections with friends and family. This is why I wanted to share this post and challenge you to treat yourself to a little offline time.

As you head up to bed on Saturday evening I want you to leave your phone out of the bedroom, allow your body to wake up naturally, no scrolling, no messaging, no taking in the world outside. If you worry about friends or family needing you then simply save them to your ‘favourite contacts’  and then pop your phone on do not disturb, if someone from your contacts needs you your phone will let their number come through if they ring twice.

Treat yourself to a breakfast out of your normal routine, if you’re a cereal girl during the week switch for a smoothie, an omelette, eggs on toast, pancakes or whatever you enjoy but give yourself the time you need to create and eat it at leisure.

I love nothing more than to get outside on a Sunday. A walk through a forest, by the beach or simply into town to grab a coffee or demolish a roast dinner. You might not feel like it but you’ll never regret it and trust me a walk without trying to text or scroll at the same time is far more refreshing than you’d think.

A little self-maintenance is also a must in my mind, whether it’s a face or hair mask, painting your toenails or trying that new eyeshadow you bought last month, give yourself time to do something that makes you put a little love on yourself.

I never realised how much my phone prevents me from being tactile. It’s like there’s always someone else in the room so my final challenge is to swap holding your phone for holding hands, having a cuddle, a nap with your partner, dog, baby or a little spooning session upstairs! Get rid of your phone and rekindle your touch! Trust me, we could all do with a little more touching in our lives! I’d love to hear your self-care Sunday rules so pop them in the comments below!


Photos by Lydia Collins.