This post might p*ss some people off but if you read it how it’s meant, I think you’ll all understand the reason why I wrote it. Something odd has happened and it’s time we discussed it. Body Confidence has become quite the trend and actually has over 1 million hashtag posts on Instagram but it seems you’re only allowed to look a certain way and be positive about your body to use it. I am all for women and men celebrating their bodies but to be body confident doesn’t mean you have to love your body all the time or never want to improve, change or work on it. I myself have received so much criticism of late from people saying;

‘It’s easy for you to be Body Positive because your body snapped back post pregnancy.’

‘You didn’t gain tonnes of weight during pregnancy so you have no right to share postpartum transformations.’

‘You had abs before so didn’t have to work to get them back.’

‘You have no right to talk about body positivity when you have no stretch marks or scars.’

Body positivity means you can do whatever you want with your body as long as you do it with love. Now whilst it may look like I’ve snapped back post-baby, I worked damn hard throughout my pregnancy to stay as strong and healthy as possible! I might have been “lucky” enough not to get stretch marks, but I lathered myself up like a slip and slide every damn day!  And even if my body has returned to something I am happy with, it is nothing like the body I used to have and for that, I don’t think I should feel guilty for wanting to get back into CrossFit, a healthy diet and see just what my body is capable of.

It seems you are only allowed to talk about Body Positivity if you are curvier or have physical imperfections. WRONG! Being positive about your body has nothing to do with size, shape, colour or skill, it’s a feeling and something we are all allowed to have! You can be body positive but still want to make changes to the skin you’re in. I see so many people online too nervous to share that they want to lose or gain a little weight for fear of their following, branding them a liar for loving their body. We all have days, weeks or months where we’ve fallen off the wagon or eaten out more than before and feel a little fluffy. Being body positive doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to work on getting back to the body we felt our best in. So please, before you judge or troll someone remember that you don’t know their story or when they feel their happiest.