Prior to becoming a mum, exercise was as much a part of my day as eating, sleeping and going to the toilet! Even during pregnancy, I was able to schedule it in with ease, regardless of whether I didn’t feel like doing it. Nowadays, although I’ve managed to get myself into a routine with exercise, I truly understand why so many parents struggle to find the time to work on their own fitness levels and body hang-ups, which is why I wanted to share with you, how I’m combatting the barriers that you might be facing.

TimeĀ – as a new mum time is certainly limited! My little girl feeds every two and a half hours and in that time you also have nappy changes, tears and so much more so it usually leaves me with around one hour to get my shit done. I’ve personally found the best time for me to workout is when she’s asleep, so yes, that means after my last nighttime feed usually around 5am or 6am. I pop the monitor by her bed and leave her at home with my husband while I head to my CrossFit box. I’m not going to lie, after limited sleep it’s certainly the last thing I want to do but I never regret it when it’s done. The other option is, pop on your workout clothes and have a 5-minute routine written down for when your child falls into a milk coma, remember you don’t have to be in a gym to workout you just need to move.

Walk- I find myself going pretty stir crazy glued to the sofa and stuck inside, so I cannot recommend getting your little one into a carrier or her pram and just walking. If you want to work on your fitness then simply add a backpack with some baked bean tins and walk as fast as you can, really building up a sweat. I’ve had so many mums tell me they don’t have the time but trust me if you had a dog you’d make the time, as he/she would need to be walked. So do yourself a favour and get out of the house, not only will it do wonders for your mental health, your little one will most likely fall asleep on you. Bonus!

Weight – if you have a happy baby then this might work for you. Use your little one as your weight and do some bodyweight squats, lunges or simply try getting up from the ground with your child in your arms, trust me it’s harder than it looks and will not only help you strengthen your body it will give you some more skin on skin time. Click here to see an example routine of one I do regularly with Jax.

Help – When you get a spare moment think about your priorities and what you need help with most. Obviously, fitness is not only my passion, it’s also my career, so getting back on it was one of my biggest priorities. It doesn’t have to be yours but your own personal mental health and physical health should be. If you have a friend or family member that has asked you if there’s anything they can do to help, ask if they could have your little one for an hour so that you can get outside for a walk, try a class or go for a bike ride. Trust me, people love to help and you’ll feel like a brand new mama once home! I’d love to hear your tips on how you got back into a routine with a little one, leave them in the comments below!