Mornings, you either love them or spend most of it pressing the snooze button again and again. Studies have shown that there really are two types of people so don’t panic if you just can’t face that morning light. I haven’t always loved mornings and actually only ever worked out in the evenings so trust me when I say, I feel you on not making the most of your mornings.

1. The¬†Two-Minute Exercise – no, I’m not talking two minutes of Burpees unless that’s your jam! I’m actually talking about Breathing. When we’re born we breathe beautifully from our tummy but as we age and get bogged down with stresses we switch to using our chest and it can be seriously damaging to your stress, energy and stability levels. So once your alarm has gone off, set a new one for simply two minutes, pop one hand on your belly and the other on your chest and focus on inhaling and exhaling from your tummy for two minutes. Repeat this every morning or whenever you feel anxious or stressed.

2. Switch up your alarm – make it a little less accessible. Last year we banned phones from our bedroom and man did it reduce our scrolling and up our spooning time! So if your phone is your wake up call, I suggest purchasing an actual alarm and putting it at the furthest corner of your room. Phones are a huge distraction and without realising it, you’ve fallen down the sinkhole of Instagram and have spent another 25 minutes in bed. Trust me, switch it up!

3.¬†Limited Screen Tim – unless your job is in social media (and if it is then I seriously suggest spending one evening scheduling your posts) I recommend using the new app feature ‘screen time’ to block all apps until later in the day. As much as I love social media it can either make you feel epic or like you’re not doing enough. Don’t let it determine your day, give yourself a little longer before you’re influenced by holding off for at least one hour in the morning.

4. Moving your body – it might not feel like the first thing you want to do but trust me, you’ll never regret it once it’s done. Just like your phone, your body will be it’s most charged in the morning and you’re far more likely to hold onto a healthier routine for the rest of that day because you’ve started your day with movement. I find that clients who workout in the morning tend to fuel themselves better throughout the day because they made the effort in the morning. Clients who train in the evening either don’t commit or eat snacks with the intention of burning them off at the gym later.

5. Lists are your best friend – mornings go so much smoother if you know what you’re doing and I don’t mean write down every minute of your day, just three simple key things you need to do and make sure you tick them off to feel like you’ve accomplished something. I’d love to hear how you make your mornings a little more successful so please pop them in the comments below!