Let’s face it, not all fitness habits work for everyone and sometimes you’ve just got to know when to ditch the ones that aren’t working for you! If the following four health and fitness habits sound like you then it’s time to chuck them in the bin!

Tracking  Do you find yourself obsessively tracking how many calories you’ve burnt throughout the day and then comparing it with how much you’ve eaten on MyFitness Pal? Whilst tracking is amazing for some, it can actually be detrimental for others. If you’re continuously under eating and over-exercising you will only plateau and increase the levels of stress on your body which in the long run will stall your progress. For motivation switch counting calories burnt for how fast, how heavy or how many rounds you can do in a certain time.

Squeaky Clean, There’s no such thing as the perfect diet, only the perfect balance. In my opinion it’s far better to have a little of everything than to cut large groups of foods out of your shopping list. Forcing yourself to avoid ingredients that you previously loved will give you a very negative and restrictive view on food and more than likely cause you to binge or fall off the wagon. Write down a list of your favourite ingredients / meals and aim to make sure you keep them in your life, just not every single day!

Spice it up  Somewhere down the line it became the rule that you had to go to the gym for one hour, run for 5 or 10k and always do your weights after your cardio…WRONG! Exercise is simply movement and it doesn’t have to have such a rigid routine, you can run for 1k, walk for 22k, and you can sure as hell mix your cardio with weights and leave the gym after just 20 minutes. Switch up your workout, make it fun and watch as you transform.

Marmite  Why are you doing something you hate? Exercise and food are not meant to be forms of punishment (unless you like it like that). Instead of forcing yourself to like something you hate, how about doing something you’d actually enjoy. It takes 21 days to make a habit so try something new, if you love it stick with it, if you hate it figure out why and move the hell on!