Let’s be honest, there’s always a reason why we can’t work out but how many of those reasons are mere excuses instead of reasons? I’m currently 5 weeks postpartum and promised myself I’d give my body the full six weeks to recover before stepping foot in my CrossFit box, the time off really made me think about the ways in which we can still reach our body goals without having to hit the treadmill or those pesky burpees!

One: You knew I was going to say it but…clean up your kitchen. The easiest way to control your weight gain is to know what you’re eating. I don’t mean avoid everything yummy, I simply mean know the difference between something delicious that’s going to leave you full for 10 minutes and then lead you to crash, or something that’s delicious that will keep you full until lunchtime. Sign up to MyFitnessPal or write down the ingredients in a diary to educate yourself on protein, carbs, fats. Pay attention to what makes you feel full and when you have more or less energy.

Two:  Up your liquid, staying hydrated is a key component to living a healthy lifestyle and if possible you should aim to drink at least 64 ounces each day, but more is even better! Drink a glass when you first wake up and before each meal. Water flushes out toxins that make us feel sluggish, helps our organs function optimally, and keeps our metabolism burning fast and high.

Three:  We all love a good sleep so I think you’re going to love this one. Stress can cause you to hold onto belly fat and too much of it can lead to overeating or binging. Rest and sleep are vital for recovery and just because you’re not working out it doesn’t mean that your body doesn’t need to recover. If you aren’t working out due to injury or pregnancy than sleep is even more important so that you can heal in a timely matter. Try to set some time aside each day, even if it’s just for a few minutes, to clear your mind and de-stress. Take a bubble bath, try some mediation, go for a walk or turn in a little bit earlier each night.

Four:  Redefine your thoughts of what working out really means. If working out for you is dripping with sweat and swearing under your breath after completing your 50th burpee, then it’s time you revisited exercise in your mind. Maintaining a strong and healthy body really comes down to eating mindfully and moving however you can. For example, right now I can’t do high impact exercises but I can go for a walk, complete a stretch or yoga routine, swim or climb the stairs. THAT is exercise and will all go towards my daily movement goal.

Preparation:  What’s the reason why you are unable to work out? If,  like so many, it’s because you don’t prepare to fit it into your day then this is your wakeup call. I have a newborn and run my own business, exercise isn’t always easy to fit into my day but I plan and prepare to make sure that it happens. Every Sunday I sit down with my diary and plan just 20 minutes of me time. I also pack my bag and yes, it may actually be a baby bag full of baby bits but that’s what a multitasking mum does! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this so please pop your comments below!