The popular Quote, ‘Living your best life’, what is that? I get asked all the time how I stay so positive and happy and in all honesty, I believe it’s down to some serious ground rules and a bucketload of putting yourself first. So in an effort to share a little more happiness I wanted to let you know the five simple things I do to keep my heart a little happier, even when everything is up against you.

1 Computer says No! Something I’ve truly only learnt to do this last year but using the word NO can be such a positive tool. I find the English are far too polite, we always want to please everyone around us and inevitably end up pleasing everyone but ourselves. I was always a yes person to the detriment of my own happiness and since learning how to say no to people, I’ve never looked back. Whether it’s saying no to hanging out with someone who actually makes you feel like crap, or simply standing up for what you believe in, even if it turns heads, no is a good word when teamed with honesty.

2 Asking for help. This is a life lesson that I will forever have to work on. Do you ever feel like your friendships and relationships hit a plateau that you can’t push past? Something I’ve learnt is that vulnerability creates love. As humans we love to take care of each other and connect but if you let yourself drop down those walls and accept a little help or love, you’ll find your relationships can go so much deeper. Let your friends buy you a coffee, tell them when you feel good or bad and do the same in return. Trust me, it feels epic.

3 Put that mute button to use. Recently Instagram released the option to mute and it’s been such a epic tool for clearing my mind. Sometimes you just need to turn a certain person on silent, it’s not their fault they’re just not right for you at this point in time. So use your right to silence and turn off people who cloud your mind with negative thoughts or lead you to compare yourself, remember life is not a competition with anyone but yourself.

4 If someone told me when I was a teen that I’d love nothing more than a woodland or beach dog walk, later in life, I would have laughed at you but hey, it happened. Grabbing some poo bags, a woolly hat and my comfiest clothes and heading outdoors truly resets everything that’s happened to me on that day. So if you struggle to switch off, meditate or get exercise into your routine, I recommend nothing more than taking your dog, or borrowing a dog and getting your butt out under those trees for some David Attenborough inspired downtime.

5 As much as I love trawling ASOS but if you’re looking to live your best life by online shopping you simply won’t find it. Studies have shown minimal gratification from online shopping and yet so many of us spend our days doing it. Scrap trying to change the way you look on the outside and work on the inside by finding things that truly make you smile from the inside out. Dance, climb, paint, sing and get to know what sets your heart on fire. Honestly, that leopard print skirt might be gorgeous but it’d look so much better on you if you were glowing from the inside first. I’d love to hear what you feel would be your best life in the comments below!