Pregnancy Yoga and Antenatal classes, are they worth the hype? If you’re anything like me you were clueless to all the classes and activities available to you during and after your pregnancy. I first heard of Pregnancy Yoga after complaining of pelvic pain during one of my CrossFit classes and had the name Debbie Bagley and BabyFit shouted at me by several of the women in my class! Debbie came highly recommended and so by the end of that day I’d booked in for my first 6 sessions of Pregnancy Yoga.

As someone who is useless at Yoga I was a little nervous. When I say useless I mean, it doesn’t look pretty or graceful but damn am I feeling it! I arrived at a class of around nine other pregnant women all in the early stages of pregnancy and you know what, it felt epic just to be surrounded by people in a similar position! The yoga itself is highly adapted and perfect for all levels of fitness and experience, Debbie also educates you on what is happening to your body, asks you how you’re truly feeling (the good and bad) and teaches you tips on how to nourish your baby and body correctly. As well as best positions to sit and stand and most importantly how to work your pelvic floor, plus at the end, Debbie takes you through the most beautiful meditation where you feel like a total goddess AND you get a cookie before leaving! It’s a feel-good 1hr 30mins that leaves you thinking you are a superwoman for growing a baby, not to mention you’ll make a new bunch of friends. As you progress through your pregnancy Debbie will talk to you about labour and even share a labour story from someone who was previously in the class. She will also offer you support for anything you’re worrying about and point you in the right direction of people who can help. The strangest part now is going and wondering who will or won’t be there depending on if they’ve gone into labour or not. I’m truly going to miss my Thursday classes once bump is born.

Something I knew I wanted to do throughout this pregnancy was involve my husband as much as possible. There’s so much out there for us but very little for them and it can all feel a little isolating which sucks because I want us to feel more like a team. Debbie recommended Ann from About Birth and Babies to us and after reading the reviews I decided to pay the £132.00 and book on! The course itself was spread out over three evenings and one Saturday and spanned across four weeks. Now there are lots of free antenatal classes which im sure are fantastic however I was happy to invest in one that would have less people and be at a more convenient venue and time for us. Ann was amazing and made us all feel at home right away! We learnt so much throughout each session but some of the key points included what to expect physically and emotionally before, during and after birth, how to recognise labour signs, our options throughout pregnancy and labour, pain relief (self-help and medical), inductions, assisted births and caesareans. As well as how to breast feed, sleeping tools, coping strategies as new parents and what to expect during the first weeks with your new baby. I thoroughly enjoyed the course but it was my husband who gained the most, he walked away with a new level of confidence and excitement at being my partner in crime. He now knows what to do, understands what is happening and has figured out his role which in turn has left me feeling so relaxed and let me tell you, that’s how you want to feel before birth! Have you booked on or tried either of the above or something else? I’d love to hear your thoughts so leave me a comment below!