Pregnancy can be tough on your body and also your bank balance which is why I wanted to create a post showing what essentials impacted my pregnancy and made it that little bit easier. Now, remember, genetics play a huge role in everything and no pregnancy is the same so what works for me, might not work for you, but I swear by each item and would 100% have them around for baby number two!

Stretch Marks I’ve been lucky enough to avoid stretch marks so far, apart from some tiger stripes I already had on my inner thigh and I put it down to healthy skin, good hydration and the lotions and potions below. I found I mixed between a couple of favourites depending on the weather, the occasion and what I was wearing. My favourite routine was to have a bath with Magnesium Flakes, wash with L’Occitane Almond Oil and then moisture with The Bodyshop Almond Body Yoghurt during the day and either Organic Pharmacy or Bio Oil in the evening.

Key Pieces, now I’ve been lucky enough not to have to buy many maternity pieces, however, these items have been amazing to have on hand and I know I’ll repurchase for friends or myself if I have another child. If you love food as much as I do you’ll find it hard work sporting a bump and a food baby so treat yourself to a cute outfit that will stretch with you through the day or night. We all need a pair of beautiful dungarees like these ones from JoJo Maman Bebe, these ones are simply mega, not only are they super soft but have extra buttons which mean it can grow with your bump and look good with heels or kicks, plus it has pockets! If your boobs are anything like mine, they change size with the wind and so a supportive bra that can also be used once the baby arrives should 100% be on your list. I’ve always tried to rock sexy pants so I have to admit making the switch to bigger pants as your vagina gets puffier, or let’s face it, starts to leak, is a must! These are my absolute favourite as they have no VPL, they’re soft and cover all areas! For those days when you just need to slob about, vomit or rock back and forth on your fit ball you need some cosy PJs and a dressing gown. Next has some fabulous maternity PJs that not only feel soft but still leave you feeling sexy.

Favourites,  There are so many things about pregnancy that I had zero clue about but these items have helped me keep good posture, sleep well at night, maintain a strong pelvic floor and rest my achy back when working at the laptop. If like me you’re a back sleeper and struggled to stick to the recommendations of sleeping on your side, then this pregnancy pillow will make you fall back in love with bedtime again, not to mention help you when the little one arrives as it doubles up as a breastfeeding support. As my bump grew heavier I found I needed a little something to help me lift it and take some of the pressure off my back. I couldn’t be more thankful for my BellyBandit as it conveniently sat underneath my clothes and gave me some extra support when needed. Sitting at your laptop or desk can cause unwanted back pain and terrible posture so if you can I would recommend switching your sofa or chair for a pregnancy/yoga ball, perfect for rotating your pelvis, activating your core and helping little one get into the right position for labour.

Pelvic Floor, something so damn important that it deserves its own paragraph. I’ve been using the Elvie trainer from twenty weeks and cannot thank it enough! It’s like a game for your vagina and I know it is the only reason why I can laugh, cough, sneeze and workout without leaking, whilst others around me are suffering. You don’t have to be pregnant to use it either, I’d recommend every woman adds this into their routine as a strong pelvic floor maintains better bladder control, faster postnatal recovery and enhanced intimacy. Elvie have kindly given me a 20% of Code, just use CARLY20.

I’ve loved writing this post and hope you find it useful. If you have any other essentials you’d recommend then I’d love to hear them so please leave them in the comments below!

Photo credit: KatsFilms.