What would it take for you to feel like you’re accomplished, like you’ve done enough? This question came to me whilst at an event last week. There I was surrounded by successful businessmen and women who were all still chasing the next milestone and suddenly I thought, what counts as success?

It’s perfectly normal to have goals and want more for yourself but my question is, have you ever asked yourself what you are pushing for, what would make you feel like you’ve ‘made it?” ¬†With follower count and likes being something so many of us focus or are judged on, it feels like that feeling of enough will never happen. If you’ve reached one hundred then you want five hundred, if you’re at one hundred thousand you want one million, single figures, double figures, it just keeps growing but do you ever stop to congratulate yourself and reflect before you’re onto the next thing?

We’re conditioned to think we’re never enough and that we should always want more but in truth wouldn’t it be incredible if we realised just how amazing we were doing? Instead of pushing for the next milestone, we took a moment to reflect on and review what we want next? So if like me, you find yourself racing through jobs, life and events, try to take a moment to stop and notice how amazing you are before you challenge yourself with something else. I promise it makes every moment more exciting and gives you back your sense of worth. Are you guilty of this? Comment below!

Photo credit Alexandra Cameron.