With a changing body or any body, in fact, comes unwanted and wanted comments from those around you. Lately, I’ve noticed a shift, suddenly it seems you can only talk about body positivity if you are deemed larger, curvier or just generally bigger than your average high street clothing size. When did body positivity have to be attached to a size or shape? Surely body positivity is sharing a love for the home you live in, what it does for you and how you, in turn, treat it?

This post comes after I received some online criticism for commenting on how I have found a new love for my body and it’s growing bump, with strangers telling me that the only reason I feel this way is because I haven’t ballooned during pregnancy… DO YOU REALISE HOW HARD I HAVE TO WORK?

I am aware that I was happy with my body pre-pregnancy and that yes, although my weight has largely gone to my bump I have still put on 1.3 stone and I am happy to put on whatever my baby needs to birth healthily. The fact that I have not ballooned is largely down to the fact that I have exercised throughout my pregnancy, been lucky enough not to experience any extreme nausea and worked DAMN hard to eat the right things so that I can return to my role of Personal Trainer once little one is here. Nothing about the above should mean I can’t rep loving my body! I don’t see how you have to let yourself go or how putting on weight makes you more of an advocate of positivity?

I am sure this post will generate some online negativity but I personally feel that all shapes and sizes should be celebrated, it is not the appearance, it’s the mindset that matters most because after all if your mind is healthy your body will follow!