‘Should you really be doing that?’

‘WOW you’re really exploding!’

‘You look SO pregnant today!’

‘OMG you’ve really popped!’

‘Are you eating enough, your bump is so small?’

‘You’re killing your baby by doing CrossFit.’

‘Shouldn’t you stop exercising now?’

‘So when are you going to slow down?’

‘Ugh, I was hoping you were going to get really fat.’

‘Can’t you just eat for two like the rest of us?’

All of the above and more has been said to me over the last 26 weeks and whilst I know most were said with love, lots were not and pretty much all affected me for a period of time. I would love to say that having people comment on your growing size is a lovely feeling and maybe I am the only person who feels this way but it’s not. The first time someone told me I looked really pregnant all I could think was, “sh*t I’ve put on weight”.

Without sounding like the worst person in the world, I love my growing bump and have actually never felt more beautiful, even more so when without clothes on, however, there’s something about other people commenting on your changing size that makes you revert back to your teenage years and panic! It’s brief but it’s there.

The comments on the size of my bump have actually been a great wakeup call for me and have made me realise that I still have work to do on my body image, which as I’m sure most of us will agree, we all do from time to time. The comments however on the fact that I am still training between three to five times a week at six months pregnant can totally do one! I am not choosing my shape or size over the health of my baby, what I’m doing IS for the health of my baby and my own mental health.

I personally believe that my ability to continue training has reduced the number of aches, pains and general pregnancy-related symptoms such as sickness, nausea and tiredness that I’ve noticed those around me suffer from, and has actually kept me feeling the healthiest I have ever been. My strength, stamina and posture have remained the same and I hope that this will help me to go onto have an easier labour…I’ll report back on that in 3 months!

Each one of us is unique and no pregnancy will be the same, trust your gut, do as you did before you fell pregnant and make your physical and mental health a priority, oh and perhaps think about the words you use to describe someone’s growing bump! What’s the worst or best thing someone said to you while pregnant? Comment below!

Photos by Jon Payne Photography.