The hashtag #beachbody has 9.2million posts on Instagram. NINE POINT TWO MILLION POSTS! That’s a lot of gorgeous bodies for us to scrutinise ourselves against. I feel incredibly lucky to get to spend time with some of the most influential people on the internet and most are using their platforms to spread reality and body positivity but, almost all (me included) will still pick the picture that makes us feel our best. After all, who the hell wants to put a picture they don’t like of themselves on the Internet for people to comment on?!

“All bodies are beach ready, some are just better at finding the perfect Instagram angle..”

Photos have changed, no longer are we all putting our peace signs up or smiling like a Cheshire cat. Nowadays I see more and more people opting for ‘blogger like holiday snaps’. Our feeds are full of fake candid photos from behind, pretending to laugh and flaunting our favourite and best-known angles. This is all perfectly ok as long you recognise that nine out of ten of us are using some kind of filter, that there are at least five to fifty other photos that didn’t make the cut, and someone somewhere is tired of taking your photo.

So if you find yourself being unkind to your beautiful body, wondering why you can’t get that perfect breakfast on the balcony photo, or why you have blemishes where others don’t. Stop and remind yourself that although the images are real, most have been improved. It’s not real life, it’s an edited reality and it has no resemblance to your own true beauty. Want proof? These photos were taken on Burst. “Hello booty” to “damn she’s pregnant with dimples on her butt” and yep, I’ve upgraded the colours to make them pop. Tell me your thoughts below, I’d love to hear them!