Before I start, I should note that this post is not sponsored, I just bloody love these products! (But one day I might get the chance to do a sponsored job with these brands and when that day does happen please remember that I loved them all along!)

Man have I had a bumpy ride with my skin. I’ll admit it I was one of those kids at school who had it easy, a few breakouts if I’d eaten too many sweets from the corner shop but that was about it. Even then i was excited to grow up and have clear skin, i feel like that is one of the worlds biggest lies, grow up and get clear skin? I grew up and developed acne.

“grow up and get clear skin? I grew up and developed acne.’

Back when I was at school there wasn’t much expectation or pressure put on having a skin routine, sudocreme and toothpaste for spots, clearasil or nutrogena to wash your face, boom – goodnight. Nowadays it’s cleanse, exfoliate, tone, serum, moisturise, eye cream, lip cream and the list goes on. Now I can’t say I’ve gone as far to have an eight step skincare regime but I have found the products that work for me and if I can help just one you by sharing my recommendations then I can finish this post happy. 

Cleanse: I was introduced to Caudalie just over a year ago and actually asked you guys for your thoughts on it before trying, you all raved so I dived straight in. Now there are lots of products to the range however the one I simply couldn’t start my day without is their “Instant Foaming Cleanser”. As the name suggests it’s a foam wash which leaves me face feeling clean, refreshed and soft. I have never had a breakout while using it and have actually come to believe it has prevented many a volcano from erupting on my face.

After being on medication for my skin I had such fragile skin that I just didn’t know what to put on it, almost everything reacted against it. That was until I came across Dr Roebucks, named after the parents of  two sisters ‘Kim and Zoe’ who suffered from dry, sensitive skin and eczema. Luckily for us and with a little help from their parents they created a one-of-a-kind formula for beautiful skin and it wasn’t by adding ingredients it was actually by simplifying and removing them. PLUS, all products are created without the nasties and are vegan, yay for animals! PS: I know it’s an Aussie brand but it’s literally just become available from Space NK, so fill your boots!

Scrub: Oh I love a good scrub, in actual fact this may have once been my downfall, i loved that sqeaky clean feeling but it got rid of all the goodness so now i stick to scrub and mask in one: ‘Byron” a 2 in 1 mask and scrub using Jojoba, Peppermint and Kaolin, plus biodegradable eco beads I knew it was going to be a staple in my bathroom.

Serum: I’d never used serums before but they became a real ‘in thing’ last year and so I was excited when I daw that Dr Roebucks “True Blue” their ultimate Hydrating serum which uses Hyalurionic Acid, Pepsites and COQ10 it was only ever going to become my secret weapon.

Moisturise: “No Worries”, and that’s exactly what this moisturiser is, it’s a lightweight ant-acing moisturiser aimed at reducing lines and replenishing skin. With Vitamin E, Rosehip, Hyaluronic Acid and Macadamia oil.

Imperfections: I scar, bruise and damage my body easily, not to mention now with an ever growing bump and so I just had to mention Bio Oil, recommended by so many I’m currently putting it to the test and will let you know if it prevents the onset of stretch marks and reduces the current tiger stripes I have on my butt!

Protection:  As much as I try my skin never wants to catch a tan and to be honest I’m much happier have healthy, happy skin instead so Im very particular about which sunscreens I use and lately I have been loving Garnier UV Water, it’s so light and soft and hasn’t caused a single rash or breakout which is usually something I have to consider.

What are your skin favourites? Have you struggled with breakouts, sensitive skin or acne? I’d love to know what has worked for you in the comments below!