Bodies are such funny things, we grow up never fully understanding just how much our attitude is going to change towards it. Each body is unique (unless your an identical twin) and with it comes its quirks, it perks and its own individual beauty. My story although mine I’m sure is very similar to so many of your own feelings and as I am about to go through the biggest change a woman’s body can face, I thought it was the perfect time to open up and be a little raw about my own findings and feelings towards mine. 

I never liked clothes, always preferring to be the naked one from a young age and still to this day clothes are the last thing I put on, they’ve always made me feel confined and uncomfortable so I guess I was always going to be the topless one on the beach. My body confidence didn’t actually come from my body, it came from a lack of wanting rules and restrictions. Luckily for me, I grew up in a very body positive family, I was pre-social media and was never interested in TV or magazines, so my view on beauty was left very much to my own thoughts, that was until I discovered boys and what they thought was beautiful.

My boobs were the last thing to grace me with their presence and while at first, I was desperate to have more than a handful, I soon came to realise that smaller boobs meant zero bra’s and backless clothes, winner! Although at 15 weeks pregnant my previous less than a handful, has progressed and is already becoming more than I can handle. 

Butts, I don’t know when they became so popular but damn have they made a U-turn, I used to remember when it was deemed sexy to have such a small butt that your jeans sagged, nowadays if your butt isn’t your biggest part then do you even train? I had a flat pancake butt and I didn’t really give it much time of day, so thank it for paying attention to my gym sessions and growing of its own accord, life really is more comfortable when you have a little more padding and to be honest having a bump on the front and a bump on the back makes life a little more balanced. 

“you see when all the Coke bottle and apple bottomed bodies were handed out, I seemed to have been handed a tree!’

Although I was confident naked I was very unconfident in clothes and didn’t understand how to dress for my shape. You see when all the Coke bottle and apple bottomed bodies were handed out, I seemed to have been handed a tree! While I’m comfortable with it now there were years where all I wanted was a waist and hips. It was also around this time when I realised how much taller I was than my 5”4′ friends and it made me feel huge. With some help from the heartbreak diet and an unhealthy view on exercise I got down to my smallest weight, 8 stone 11 lbs (Top Photo). I was gross! I felt gross and was miserable on the inside and on the outside. 

One year later and after some fabulous, single girl, fun, I was a new lady, accepting no bullshit and seriously loving weights. It’s from this day that my opinion of the female (and to be fair any form or shape) changed. I love looking strong – like I’d be hard to kill, although saying that, I remember when I shot my Get Gorgeous Guide and the first comment I received was ‘LOOK, SHE HAS ROLLS’ (4th Picture). Yep, I do indeed have rolls, muffin top, back fat, spots, moles and scars (4th picture)! Fast forward to now and I’m 15 weeks pregnant. The 6th picture down is actually me at 6 weeks pregnant, I’d just found out and decided to tense my body (under very flattering light) and say goodbye to my abs. Nowadays those abs are just barely visible in the morning and I’m ok with that. I’m ready to embrace the bump, the boob acne, the veins, the silver-tiger-stripe-stretch marks and all the things I have absolutely no clue about.

What has been your favourite part of your body transformation so far, I’d love to hear it in the comments below!