You’re entitled to a lunch break but do you actually take it? So many of us opt for working from our desks and nibbling as we type, over getting off our butts, heading out of the office and really allowing ourselves a food break.

You guys know how much I love to move and that’s what a lunch-break is! For those of you working in an office-based sedentary job, this might be your only chance to move your body and give those muscles a good stretch, which will, in turn, improve blood circulation, range of motion in your joints and prevent cramps, stiffness or injury.

Be honest, how good is the work you produce post lunch? Taking regular breaks will improve your cognitive function by giving your brain a little recoup moment, you might think you’re getting more done but honestly, how many spelling mistakes or errors did you make?

Depression, Anxiety, the feeling of being overwhelmed can all be induced by high-stress levels and we all know that work can cause us more than a little stress, which is why it’s so important to allow yourself an hour away from your triggers and your desk.

We all need a sunshine break and yes I’m aware that we need even more of that here in the UK but if you’re sitting in your office it could mean you’re seriously missing out on that daily dose of Vitamin D. Let your skin get some sunshine (apply sunscreen, obvs!) and help protect yourself from depression, diabetes and anxiety!

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