Perhaps you clicked on this thinking, that’s an odd title for a Personal Trainer to write – “You don’t need to be super fit” but it’s true and this is why. I spend my days listening to my clients in person, online and over the phone telling me that they are not healthy but when I dig a little deeper, it seems the fitness society has given the illusion that to be healthy you have to be “super fit”. I call bullshit. Super fit, meaning able to do anything thrown at you, training 7 times a week, eating perfectly clean and never pressing pause on a workout, this is not true.

The definition of healthy is: in a good physical or mental condition; in good health.

Nowadays I find my clients or those around me striving for an Athlete type status, meal prepping or training as if they are stepping on stage in twelve weeks. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting all of your energy into your training and your food you have to remember your end goal. What do you actually want your result to be?

If you are training for a bikini or bodybuilding competition then yes, your exercise and food need to be on point for that period of time, however, it is not a sustainable physique and you will need to reverse diet after the event is over. Plus its a very sad looking diet, I can tell you!

Take a step back and think about what you want, if you want to feel comfortable in your clothes, confident on the beach and have a functional level of fitness which compliments your daily routine then that will be a different level of commitment. Have you ever thought about the level of commitment you need? Comment below!