Am I choosing to be healthy or actually unhealthily obsessed. Did I decide not to eat bread because I disliked it or because I worried it would change my body? Do I love carrots with hummus or have I made a conscious decision that it’s a better snack than a mars bar.

Admittedly I live in a health bubble. I am surrounded by exercise junkies living for avocado on toast. I’m overly aware of the ingredients, macro split and calorie content of everything around me and I’m starting to wonder if it’s impacted me positively or negatively?

Now don’t get me wrong, I actually love everything you can grow from the ground and I was incredibly lucky that my parents brought me up on homegrown delicious meals, however, I am aware that I have made a personal decision to avoid supermarket bought bread, pasta, dairy products, meat and have cut my intake of crisps, sweets and other processed snacks. Why have I stopped eating them?

Bread and Pasta: Initially I stopped because I took an interest in how my body behaved on certain foods and found that if I ate supermarket bread or pasta that I would experience extreme stomach pain, I also noticed however that this didn’t happen If it was freshly made from a bakery. It was at that point that I made the decision to only eat these things when fresh from the bakery or at a restaurant.

Meat: I was never a huge fan of meat and actually first turned vegetarian when I was in first school. I would choose the vegetarian or fish based dish when eating out in restaurants and soon came to the realisation that if I couldn’t kill an animal how is it fair for me to eat one? Nowadays I eat a mostly vegetarian diet but opt for fish and eggs on various days, I’m happy with my decision and although I receive a lot of online hate for not being Vegan it is just not something I am considering at the moment.

Dairy: I used to love the shit out of yoghurts and used to finish my day with a cup of milk as a child, however, when I went through a stage of serious cyst based acne it was suggested that cutting my dairy intake could help. I seriously miss yoghurts but my skin is oh so much happier and to be honest once I started looking into the dairy industry, I actually found it far more horrifying than the meat industry and so my decision was cemented.

Processed: I love chocolate and pretty much have some every single day, however, I have made a conscious decision to reduce my intake of crisps, sweets, ice-cream, cakes and bars. This is where I feel I have become strict without realising and is something I am going to work on this year. I really enjoy crisps, I love a Mr Kipling Bakewell Tart and used to adore a Penguin Bar, so why have I stopped eating them? I’ve become fearful of certain ingredients/products and that is NOT healthy and NOT what I preach. As my mum loves to say, one meal won’t make you fat, just like one meal won’t make you skinny. Everything in moderation and that is something I need to get back to, so if you’re like me and you haven’t realised that perhaps you’ve started having a less than healthy attitude towards certain foods that you actually love – it might be time to give yourself a little reality slap.

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