Failing has never been something I’ve wanted to do but I’ve actually been pretty good at it recently and funnily enough, it’s been just what I’ve needed.

As children and young adults we’re taught to always succeed, to try not to fall down or show your weaknesses, however when I look back over all the events I remember in my life, it’s the times that I’ve failed that stand out the most and it’s not because they’ve scarred me, it’s because out of everything they’ve changed me the most.

Exercise is a funny one, for most of us we stick to our comfort zone, using a machine, running on a treadmill, the exercises we know we can do, we just might not like doing them. It wasn’t until I discovered CrossFit that I finally found my vulnerability and all the things I couldn’t do.

Yes, I need to pee with nervousness every time I walk into a box and I know that out of seven workouts in a week six of them will contain a move I’m not good at. I’m strong, I’ve worked on being strong and healthy since I was eighteen, I have it nailed but I neglected to work on my weaknesses and now at thirty I find myself trying to learn how to do double-unders (making the jump rope go round twice in one jump), kipping, handstand walks, muscle ups, I am NOT good at any of these things and my fear of failing tried to stop me from progressing, I wanted to skip those sessions, I didn’t want those around me to see that I couldn’t do something.

Now I find myself putting my hand up for extra tuition, booking in for one on ones, watching tutorials on YouTube and Instagram and spending my free time practising in the garage and wherever I can find the space. What changed was that I realised failure it pretty fucking epic! Without failing, you will never grow and you’ll never know what it feels like to accomplish something you seriously thought you couldn’t do.

It might take me a week, six months or even two years but when I finally get my first muscle up, handstand walk or ten double-udders in one go I am going to feel like wonder-woman and I seriously want to feel like wonder woman again!

So whether it’s a job, a qualification or test you want to finish, a fitness or weight based goal, or perhaps just walking away from the things that don’t make you happy, if you’re not currently doing it because you’re fearful of the outcome, don’t be. Let that fear guide you into understanding that you care. You care enough to make a change, DO NOT let that fear stop you from becoming everything you could ever dream of.

Thanks to the incredible guys at WIT Training in London (especially the very handsome Gus!) for these photos from their incredible class! The trainers here are mind-blowing at what they do and beyond motivating, you can check out their website and book in for a class here. Big love to Jon Payne for these snaps during my session!