I never knew what I wanted to be when I was growing up and I truly only found my passion at the age of 26. I have spent my entire life chasing that feeling of doing well. I wanted to make my parents proud and inspire those around me, I never wanted to sit still, I was too worried about time passing and I just wanted to be everything that my five year old self dreamt of being.

Since returning from Kilimanjaro, leaving my agency and finally shutting the door on friends who aren’t right for me, I suddenly have this overwhelming sense of happiness, this inner grin that is beaming out of my face. I can’t stop smiling. I can’t stop dancing around the kitchen and singing in the car. I feel like a bird that’s been set free and suddenly this intense realisation came over me that, all my life I have been chasing happiness. I thought happiness would come from success and love but actually i,t comes from knowing that you are enough and that you don’t need ANYTHING to be happy, you just have to be present in the moment that you’re given.

Everyday will be different and let’s face it mother nature and the world around us can be a bitch but if you truly get to know the person you are, and by that I mean stop doing as I did and fake your personality to please others, stop worrying about what other people think of you (I’ve learned they’re usually not thinking of you at all) and stop trying to rescue everyone else when it’s actually you who needs the rescuing.

Positivity breeds positivity and I’m certainly a huge believer that you get back what you put out. So don’t join in the masses and moan about other people, make the decision to step away from anything that doesn’t enhance your life. I no longer watch the news, checkout the weather, read the newspapers, spend time with those who only know how to bitch or follow people that make me question my own validation. I choose happy and you deserve that too.

Photo credit: KatsFilms.  Wearing Adanola Leggings, Next Coat and Adidas Trainers.