Somehow we all blurred the lines between happiness and health. Growing up I was always the kid who happily played outdoors, mud pies, perfumes made from my Dad’s roses, bike rides, weekends in the peak district running around with my Kite made from Tesco carrier bags.

Nowadays it seems Fitness and Health have become confined to restriction and time. So often people email me to say that they don’t believe they’ll ever have the body they deserve because they don’t have the money for a gym, a Personal Trainer, that gorgeous activewear outfit in their wish basket or the time.

Time is just an excuse, if you have time to read this Blog post then you certainly have time to work out, I mean seriously you don’t have to spend hours doing it, the seconds soon count up to minutes and the minutes to hours when you look at it over a week, so do yourself a favour, stop scrolling and start sweating.

Money is a separate issue. Yes if your dream is to step on stage and win at a bodybuilding contest or perhaps you want to be at the top of a chosen sport then yes, you might need a little more money but if you just want to move a little more and like who you can become then you truly don’t need any money at all. Walking has become so devalued, yet in all honesty, if you compare two people, a postman who spends his day walking and someone who works in an office, the postman is always going to burn more calories (no matter how much you burn in that lunchtime HIIT session). I’ve popped some free ways to move more for less below:

Walk, up the intensity by adding a couple of baked bean tines, bottles of water or hand weights into a backpack and walk, strut like you’re on a mission. If like me you love hiking then you NEED to download the AllTrails App, something we found while hiking in Yosemite over Christmas. This app shows you all the available walks in your area, rates them and even lets you check-in so people know where you are. (not sponsored, just loved)

Run, apart from a decent pair of trainers and a sports bra you’re good to go! Start small opting to walk, then run, then add in daily challenges such as running to your favourite coffee shop, running round to a friend’s house or challenging yourself to only stop when you find something beautiful to photograph.

Skip, something I always get my clients to do is skip, a jump rope HIIT session of just 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off for 8 minutes will have you sweating so much you’ll look like you’ve been in the pool and if you don’t have the funds to buy a skipping rope you can literally pretend and get a very similar result!

Write, something I’ve mentioned so many times in my YouTube videos is creating your own Personal Trainer in a jar. Use a pencil case or just spare lunchbox, write down all the exercises you know and pop them inside, then whenever you’re waiting for your dinner to cook, the adverts to stop or your children to get ready for school you pick two or three of the exercises and complete them on rotation until you run out of time.  What’s your favourite way to exercise without spending a penny?