Warning, some of this content could be classed as, ‘adult’.

When was the last time you purposely smeared your lipstick? Probably around the same amount of times as you’ve thought about, or had a smear test. Let’s be honest a smear appointment was the worst Birthday present I could have received when I turned 25, I hadn’t really had to open my legs to anyone other than boyfriends up until that point so the thought of my GP doing it made me want to put off booking my appointment immediately.

The difference is, I booked it and it came back abnormal which totally scared the sh*t out of me. 

I treated my appointment like a date with Tom Hardy, shaving my legs, my vagina and wearing my prettiest pants, i don’t know why but it gave me a little more oomph, more confidence to take on the smear. I had the sweetest lady, around the same age of me who asked me to undress from the waist down (if you’re wearing a skirt you can leave it on, which is my plan for next time!) then she asked me to lay on on my back, with my ankles together and knees apart and gently placed a paper sheet to cover my modesty. She kindly asked if I was comfortable and then inserted a speculum, this is purely used to allow the nurse to see your cervix so that she can then use a brush to take a sample of cells. In all honesty we were so busy chatting about how awkward I thought it was going to be that it was over before i’d finished laughing at the fact that i’d put more effort for my date with her than with my husband! Once done, I popped on my underwear and said my goodbyes and was given a result date of three weeks.

One week later and my results arrived, I received a letter asking me to attend a Colposcopy Clinic for a further check up. The words abnormal cells in my cervix certainly made me panic and fear the worst, however after my appointment everything turned out out to be ok, you see, abnormal cells are not cancerous but they have the potential to become so if left untreated.

This is why I would like to do book your appointment, do the best by your body and allow yourself to be checked. One in four women don’t reply to their letter yet this small test prevents 75% of all cervical cancers. Just five minutes minutes of awkwardness will always be better than testing positive for cervical cancer, don’t be one of the nine women per day who get tested positive, or the two who lose their lives each day. Please show your support and raise awareness by sharing this post or by clicking here to educate yourself further.