This is a letter I wish someone had sent to me before I first joined the gym many years ago. The honest truth about your upcoming journey and my tips to make it finally work for you.

Take it slow, instead of promising yourself that you’ll train every damn day from now until December how about setting a more realistic schedule. If you’ve never exercised before then you’re in luck, just the smallest increase will make a difference so start slow, opting for one or two additional days to your current routine. The same can be said for food, small changes will encourage you to continue, big changes may lead to binging and falling off track completely. Make one new change each week, it’s far more manageable and will enable you to last longer without feeling overwhelmed.

Intimidation, the gym can be a scary place when you’re unsure what you’re doing, prepare yourself by spending a little more time researching and educating the right path for you. I fully recommend a Personal Trainer for a couple of sessions or at least a gym induction to increase your confidence. If you’re lacking funds then how about following some online guides like my GetGorgeous Guide, YouTube videos, Pinterest or some old school workout DVDs!

Invest, do yourself a favour and invest in the right kit, you don’t have to go crazy and it certainly doesn’t have to cost the earth but at least purchase a proper sports bra, leggings that won’t let you down and the right trainers for your goals. I’ve linked my current favourite gym essentials at the bottom of this post to help you. If you’re thinking about working out from home then a Kettlebell, TRX, Skipping rope or Resistance band will certainly help you up the Intensity and reach your goals faster.

Intensity, you will never know how hard you can work until you join a class or experience a PT session, with that in mind push yourself! Results don’t come from comfort zones, you need to be out of breath, sweaty, those last reps should hurt, you shouldn’t want to do another minute and you certainly shouldn’t be able to talk throughout your session. Show up, get it done and get out! Do you have any more tips, if so I’d love you to share them below!