2017 what a year you have been!

I took my clothes off and planted my vagina on the roof of an apartment in the middle of London for Women’s Health Naked Edition.

I have three new piercings and have learnt that you should never pierce both ears at the same time…ouch.

I wrote, designed and released my first ever Ebook the ‘GetGorgeous Guide’. A 12-week transformation guide for all levels of fitness and now have the most amazing online community of confident, strong men and women.

I turned 30…

I wrote an honest post about orgasms and tried to capture said orgasm face in a picture (insert facepalm here).

I planned a secret wedding and actually managed to pull it off!

I married the love of my life and managed to surprise everyone we had ever met, it was and will forever be the best day of my life.

I visited twelve counties, ten I had never been to before, some as work opportunities with incredible brands, some with friends and family but mostly thanks to the incredible support of Virgin Holidays.

I held seven meet-ups and ten workout based classes all over the UK which gave me the chance to meet my amazing online community.

I taught my first ever workout class at LoveFit Festival – mud, glitter, spacebuns and more!

I overcame personal fear and took over the Adidas Studio in London to teach my very own GetGorgeous Class for an entire week.

CarlyRowena Retreats began and kicked butt, 2018 promises to bring even more retreats around the world, starting with conquering Kilimanjaro!

I became part of Reebok’s first ever Girl Squad and had my face on a BUS!

I kicked butt in my first ever CrossFit competition thanks to the support of my incredible box, Spitfire.

I learned how to climb a rope.

I did my first ever headstand…my first ever handstand AND my first handstand PUSH UP!

I passed my CrossFit level 1 certification, even though I was convinced I wouldn’t!

I pushed myself to learn as much as possible and passed the BTN Nutrition Academy Foundations course.

I went to the Baftas, saw Hugh Grant and am convinced he checked out my bottom!

Warner Brothers flew me to Italy to Interview the Amazonian’s from the film Wonder Woman, the interview took 10 minutes so we spent the rest of the time drinking wine and comparing muscles!

I rode a horse for the first (and most likely last time!).

I blame Netflix for my obsession with Charlie Hunnam and the huge hole Sons Of Anarchy left in my heart when it finished.

I may have been the last of the group to stand up, and I certainly had the biggest board, but I finally learnt to surf in Costa Rica thanks for MadToLive Retreats.

After finally managing to stand up I treated myself to a celebratory wave tattoo to remind me that at one point in my life, I knew how to surf.

I hung my legs out of a helicopter and tried not to pee myself with nerves as we flew over New York!

I found a new friend in Rochelle Rox, was given my very own mantra and finally learnt to meditate.

I put my dog Steven through some serious home workouts and let you guys laugh as he took the piss out of me each and every time.

I spent another year making new friends, strengthening old ones and appreciating every moment with my parents. It wasn’t until writing this post that I realised just how much I had achieved this year, do yourself a favour, stop and write down your 2017 accomplishments big or small they’re incredible, you’ve kicked butt. I adore you guys, cheers to a brand new 365 chances to be whoever you want to be!