Time flies when you’re having fun but it flies even faster with age. As kids and teens, all we want to do is stay up late and grow up. As adults, all we want to do is go to bed and find that magic pill to make us younger. There will be good and bad times but do all you can to live in the moment, don’t waste your time over analysing yesterday or wishing for tomorrow.

Don’t wait for age to define where you should be. If you have a passion, explore it. If you want to dance, do it. If you want to study, grab a book. Time waits for no-one and you’re a fool if you think you have all the time in the world. Don’t wait until your fifty to create a bucket list, you might never reach it. Create that list now and start ticking things off, the last thing you want to do is look back on missed chances.

Make your mental and physical health a priority, yes your metabolism is like a rocket ship in your teens but trust me it soon starts to slow down and lose energy. Instead of searching for that dream figure try creating a functional body, one that can do anything whenever you ask it to. Take care of your mind, learn how to meditate, read and take time out. Aim to live your best life, a life without pain or chronic disease. Let’s age beautifully, not fighting pain.

Relationships are hard, you’ll create, break up and makeup, not just with partners but with friends, family, strangers and work colleagues. Make time for the ones who make time for you and learn to accept you don’t need a room full of friends to feel loved. Sometimes you might just have one or two and sometimes your family might be all the friendship you need.

Unless you’re one of the lucky few who already knows where your passions lie and what you love to do, you’re going to spend a lot of time figuring out what you’re good at and what you enjoy. I spent most of my 20s treating my life like a talent search, saying yes to anything and everything in the hopes it would spark a new direction. Don’t be afraid to try new things and take a path away from your friends, it might take longer than you think to find it, but don’t worry, it’ll find you.

People change, as your life develops and circles move, things change. Your very first best friend might not be the person you’re now the closest to. You might not click with your social group like you used to. Guess what? It’s ok. Our personalities change like the wind. Social stresses, hormones, proximity and interests will expand. Remember that it’s ok to change as a person, accept it and understand that we are all individuals, nothing stays the same.

Let go of expectations, this is something I have had to work so hard on. Expectations have a habit of ruining everything! No one is perfect and for that reason, nothing is ever going to be perfect, instead try to expect nothing and appreciate everything. This way you’ll fall in love with life’s hidden moments of reality. Photo credit: Jenna McKone.