Music, the soundtrack to my life. With travelling, classes, retreats and squeezing in random workouts wherever I can, my Wonderboom by Ultimate Ears has become my pocket-sized best friend. I’m more than aware that there are so many portable speakers out there, however, this one wins all the prizes in my book. Not just for 360* sound and epic bass, or for the fact it lasts over 10hours on one charge, but for the fact that it’s so indestructible! I’ve swum with it, ran, climbed, partied, got muddy and dropped it (several times) and yet it’s still by my side every time I teach. With sizes to suit all and colours that go with your own personal style, I think we’re going to be best friends for the foreseeable future!

Boulder Holders, otherwise known as sports bras; I’ve had my fair share of dramas and I don’t even have the biggest of boobs. Over the years I’ve come to know what suits my workouts best and what I feel my best wearing. This Reebok number has been my favourite of 2017 and with the way it’s wearing it just might last to be my favourite of 2018. The colour, pattern and strappy back design makes me feel my most beautiful during even the sweatiest of workouts and it has my back no matter if I’m skipping, running or handstand-swearing. Would you like me to create a post purely reviewing sports bras? Let me know.

Never have I felt so classy whilst using a hand moisturiser. When this egg-shaped beauty landed in my postbox, I didn’t quite know what it was…a perfume, foundation, no, it’s a hand cream! The cream itself contains May Rose Wax to soothe and soften and Iris Pallid Extract to brighten and enrich. La Crème Main is a true thing of beauty, the perfect handbag accessory and one that will get your friends wanting to test it out, not to mention take a casual Instagram image with it. With a scent you want to linger over your winter-chapped hands, I cannot say thank you enough, well done Chanel.