Let’s be honest, music changes everything. From day one music has always been important to me, i’m even named after the song ‘Coming Around Again’ by Carly Simon. I often feel a little bit guilty for the fact that I rarely purchase CD’s or vinyls anymore, opting for the legend that is Spotify to provide the soundtrack to my life. I have playlists for Road-trips, Heartbreaks, Shower-Singing and course Burn, Sweat and Stretch for when it comes to my own personal workouts! Today’s post is all about providing you with a new soundtrack to push past the hardest of workouts, or the most difficult of poses, the last mile of your run or the last breath of your shavasana.

Sweat Playlist: 

Burn Playlist:

Chillout Playlist:

What’s your go-to workout playlist? Comment below! Also, don’t forget to give me a follow on Spotify!  Wearing Anker Headphones, photo credit: Jenna McKone.