What is your dream retreat? For some it’s days filled with sunshine, a pina colada and bars of chocolate, for others it’s a week filled with nutritious food, lots of sweat and a whole lot of smiles. Welcome to my first Sweat, Stretch & Smile Retreat,¬†you can watch my Retreat YouTube video here.

Last week myself and my yoga teaching best friend Cat Meffan took our first bunch of ladies away for a week of fitness, yoga, meditation, cooking, eating, hiking and laughing in France. I know so many of you have thought about booking a Retreat but been too nervous or simply just not known what to expect, which is why I wanted to share with you a little behind the scenes!

7:30am: Wake Up, drink some tea, get ready to sweat!

8am: Yoga / Meditation or Fitness Session.

10am: Breakfast, acai bowls, sweetcorn fritters, vegan pancakes, burrito or granola.

11-1pm: Massages / Cookery Workshop or Free Time.

1pm: Lunch, soups, salads, homemade pizza, pesto, courgette dishes.

2-4:30pm: Massages, Hike, Private Fitness/Yoga sessions or Free Time.

4:30pm: Yoga, Meditation or Fitness Session.

6pm: Free Time / Showers / Read.

7pm: Dinner & Drinks, casseroles, pizza, Quinoa & mediterranean dishes, vegan curry, stir-fry.

8:30pm: Mediation / Movie / Games.

As with all retreats the day’s itinerary can vary, you could also decide not to participate and spend your time as you wish, this is your holiday, your escape, we only ask that you join in when you want to. If I could offer you your dream retreat, what would it be? ¬†Leave me your comments below!