For those of you who love to exercise, are addicted to the endorphins or just have it fixed into your routine you might find the concept of a rest day a little difficult to accept.

A rest day is just as vital as a training day, giving your body, muscles and joints some downtime to rest and recover. Failure to add in a rest day will increase your chance of crashing & burning, injury and even chronic fatigue. However the words ‘rest day’ can be a little misleading. A rest day, as fantastic as it sounds, does not mean laying in bed surrounded by pillows and cookies, it means a rest from your usual activities.

Yoga is the perfect rest day alternative as it concentrates on health, mindfulness and repair. It can be just the right movement to stretch out those hamstrings, reconnect with your breathing and improve stability and core work. Not to mention, it isn’t as easy as you’d think and you can work up quite the sweat once you get into a flow.

Swimming, yes you might have to wash your hair an extra night that week but it’s one of the best ways to move your body without putting it under stress or strain, plus there’s always time for a little pre-swim-sauna or post-dip steam!

Hiking is my absolute go to on rest days; grab a friend or a dog and get your butt outdoors! Now I’m not saying you have to hike a mountain but it’s an option. Pack a picnic to increase weighted resistance via your backpack and go for it, not only will your body thank you but your mind will feel reconnected with the world again.

Dancing, my husband and I adore dancing and will often swap a CrossFit session for a salsa class. It gives the same endorphins, is a great way to meet new friends, bring the spark back to a relationship and it often comes with a cocktail or three!

What do you do on your rest day? Comment below!