Breakfast, the one meal I go to bed dreaming about, yet for some of you it’s a meal you’d rather forget about! The internet world will tell you that Breakfast is the key to boosting your metabolism, and it is but you could be putting those boosts at risk if you’re not choosing wisely.

It’s time to get a little more mindful, yes it’s important to make time for Breakfast but that time doesn’t have to be while you wipe the sleep crust from your eyes. Breakfast should be eaten when your body tells you that you are hungry. If you’re waking up, devouring your breakfast at 6 am and then experiencing that tummy rumble by 9 am, then you’ve gone from eating one healthy breakfast to becoming like a Hobbit and have seconds, thirds and let’s face it brunch over and over.  Eat when you’re hungry, not when society tells you to! With that in mind if you find you are never hungry in the morning it might be time to give your body a little reminder. A banana, a hot drink, something to wake up your metabolism and let it know that it’s good to feel hungry before lunch.

The reason I’m useless at sharing recipes with you guys? I NEVER measure anything! It’s a handful here, a cup here and a splash there…hello 1000 calories more than I ever expected. If you’re really wanting to shift those extra pounds take note of the serving size. 1tsp is not the same as 1tbps, it might be a little heartbreaking to see at first but it’s time to get a little better acquainted with those scales and finally see results.

Social media is full of Insta-grammable health food but if you really took a look at what we’re saying we’re eating some of us are having half our recommended calorie intake in just one meal. We all know avocado on toast is delicious but in some restaurants you could be eating way more than you think, not just one avocado but two, mixed with butter, oils, sweet chilli, the list goes on.. and here comes the crunch (excuse the pun) healthy cereals such as granola can really up your intake. The serving size is way smaller than you’d think and once topped with bananas, fruit, nuts, seeds, almond milk or yoghurt you could be starting your day with over 600+ calories. Nowadays I switch to overnight oats (perfectly-ish portioned) or protein smoothies. What’s your breakfast situation, leave me a comment below!

Wearing Dharma Bums, photography by Kats Films.