This post has been kindly sponsored by Natural Cycles.
I remember the day I took my first contraceptive pill, I was 16 and completely clueless. My doctor at the time recommended I tried a combined pill called Microgynon as it was one of the most common forms of contraception and was considered to have the least amount of negative side effects. For five years we were the perfect match, it made my periods regular, diminished my mood swings and we never had any slip ups.

Unfortunately a year later and I started to experience headaches, which turned into migraines and after an awful car journey where my vision started to blur I was back in the waiting room speaking to my GP about switching pills. This time he recommended I tried the mini-Pill, the difference being you took it daily without any breaks, It was different to the combined pill as it only contained one hormone, progestogen so I was hopeful it would work.

Annoyingly that’s where my success with the contraceptive pill ended, I had two years of hell trying to find the perfect pill, from continual bleeding, intense stomach pain and weight gain to feeling like a robot without any emotions. My body was tired of switching pills and my gut was telling me to give it all a rest, in actual fact until about 3 months ago I was letting my body happily follow it’s own natural cycle and using condoms for protection.

That’s where this post begins, I’ve found my match! Now i’m not going to lie I was super sceptical when I first heard about the certified contraceptive Natural Cycles and did a lot of research before giving it a go, however I am at a point in my life where I want to be more in control of my body, we’re starting to think about when we might want to have children and to be honest with you I have absolutely no idea how it works; when is the best time in your cycle? Do I even have a cycle? Yet again I was clueless.

How does it work? You download the Natural Cycles app, create your own profile including height, weight, age and whether you want to prevent or plan a pregnancy. Then every morning, before getting out of bed you pop the basal thermometer under your tongue as far back as possible, wait for it to beep and then add the temperature shown into your app which will automatically open, the app will then give you either a ‘Green day’ stating that you won’t get pregnant or a ‘Red Day’ stating that you should abstain or use protection.

I know every woman is different and that there is no one size fits all method out there however I am so happy I am able share this with you, as it’s really worked for me and to be honest i’m a little jealous that this wasn’t around when I was first looking into contraceptives. Not only is it a great way to understand your body and prevent a pregnancy, it’s fantastic should you be looking at planning a pregnancy, now I’m not saying I’m ready to jump on my husband when it gives me a Red Day just yet but it’s nice to know that when I am ready I can climb him like a tree!

Note, since writing this post I have received a lot of comments and opinions from others about STI’s and STD’s, please not that as with any contraceptive pill it would be advised to wear a condom with all new sexual partners and of course always speak to GP before making any changes to your current contraceptive, it’s always a good idea to get tested before planning on going without with any partner long term or short.

If you’re intrigued and want to find out a little more information click here to head to the Natural Cycles Website. I’m excited to hear your thoughts, what’s worked or not worked for you?


This post has been sponsored by Natural Cycles, all views and opinions are that of my own. I am incredibly passionate about this product and proud to share it with you.