Something I found myself asking my best friend at the weekend, she was clearly stressed, we were catching up over lunch and I could tell her body was with me but her mind wasn’t, she was stressed, tired and completely overwhelmed, an emotion I had experienced far too often a couple of months back.

She needed a break but couldn’t just book a one way ticket to Australia or better, quit her job, it was something she needed to work on in the few minutes or hours she had in her day that she could actually call hers. I came up with a list, a list of ways to regroup and get back on track and she loved it so much that I decided to share it with you guys too!

Starflower Oil: It’s stronger than Evening Primrose and will help to balance those pesky hormones.

Rescue Remedy: Something i’ve practically lived on the past two years, if you can purchase the spray version, it tastes a little like vodka but helps ease that overwhelming or anxious feeling,

Maca powder: Great for boosting your for sexual libido which can often decrease when you feel stressed and also proven to aid physical and mental fatigue.

ROMWOD: An online programme designed to optimise your range of motion, increase athletic performance and promote recovery, there’s a new one everyday each lasting around 22 minutes. I’ve found it also doubles up as a form of mediation as you really have to focus on breathing and surrender your mind to the pose, perfect for those of us who struggle to switch off.

Podcasts: I recently began listening to Podcasts when walking, commuting or doing my makeup, there are lots of incredible educational ones but also some that are perfect for making you laugh and helping you to switch off with some me time, try ‘My Dad wrote a Porno’ its hilarious or listen to ‘Zestology, Desert Island Disks‘ or ‘Women of the hour‘ if you want to feel inspired and learn.

Games: I’ve never been one for games however I have found that I feel quite overwhelmed while on the tube or train, i recently came across the Sway, Kami and Stack in Apps for your IPhone, they’re great for distracting you while chilling out your mind.

Headspace: I’ve said it a million times but it’s one of my absolute favourites and even offers a free 10 day programme, the narrator has a great voice and really teaches you how to work with your surroundings, it’s even available on planes!

Mediation: Try waking up 5 minutes earlier than your usual alarm time. Once awake set your alarm for another 5 minutes, sit up in your bed or move to another room to avoid waking your partner. Close your eyes and work on breathing from your belly. If you fid this really hard simply put both hands to your face and close one nostril, breathe in and out switching between each nostril, playing a little game if you will. You should find it much easier to have a clear mind if you do it first thing due to lack of stimulation, if your brain wonders don’t panic, just guide it back to your breathing again. I also adore Tara Brach, or Fuck that Meditation if you fancy a giggle!

I’d love to hear your recommendations or ways in which you have tackled this feeling, please leave them in the comments below and a big thank you for stopping by!