You had every intention of working out today, yesterday and tomorrow but suddenly your diary fills up faster than the beach on a sunny day and there’s no time left to train. Welcome to life, there will be days, sometimes weeks where you’re so on track that you feel like Superwoman, then out of nowhere your diary is fully booked, your food goes out the window, you have to cancel your Personal Training sessions and automatically feel like you’re back to square one.

Don’t panic, Life happens.

This is why Fitness is journey, not a destination. Very few of us have a permanent routine, even less of us have time for exercise but it is a choice. Lately I have been struggling, struggling to find just ten minutes to exercise and I feel so frustrated, my food is also out of whack, it’s not terrible but it’s not great, there is room to improve but my mind isn’t co-operating with my stomach. What do you do?

Stop. When everything is out of whack, it’s for a reason. Right now my reason is my work-life-balance, or lack of one. I got Married, went on Honeymoon, overbooked myself with clients as I felt guilty for leaving them and squeezed in too many jobs and meetings, the subsequence I left zero me time and the outcome, I’m pissed off.

Grab your diary, it’s time for some management. Ok, so this week might be a write off but let’s do all we can to prevent it happening again. You are only one person, with two hands and two feet, you cannot do everything but you can prioritise. I sat down and went with my gut, what can I do, what do I need to do, what am I doing that pleases others but doesn’t necessarily need to be done. Scale down your workload or schedule in breaks, life is not an emergency, most things will wait and if you’re a one man band you’re not going to help anyone if you’re too stressed to function.

If you’re anything like me you still need to move, ok so you can’t make you usual class or devote an hour to the treadmill but there is something you can do. Whenever I am completely unable to exercise I choose to walk as much as possible, no lifts, always the stairs, I move as much as I can and the rest I rely on food. If I can’t exercise than I make sure my food is on point and often complete Pinterest recipe searching while in the bath or commuting.

Today i’ve had clients in Norwich since 5:30am and am now on the train to London for meetings until 6pm, I know the train will be a nightmare at that time so I’ve packed my gym clothes and have spent the last ten minutes on the train searching for gym classes near my London train station. Once my meetings are over I’m going to try a spinning class within walking distance of my train station, it might not be my favourite way to train but it will get those endorphins going and return me to a positive mindset.

If If you’re injured, I sympathise, it’s something I often worry about. When it happens to a client or friend and depending on the injury I always tell them to focus on food and rehabilitation, plot for recovery, do your research, create a plan, knowledge is always power and if possible walk with a weighted backpack or try swimming. Life gets in the way, that’s what keeps us entertained,                                                                                           don’t punish yourselves, treat it as a curveball and shout NEXT!