This post has been sponsored by Nike.

True freedom means zero restrictions, a motto I fully applaud. When I think of freedom I think of movement, freedom to explore your surroundings, freedom to push through boundaries and freedom to conquer, always.

Let me introduce you to The Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit 2017 and the purpose of this post, it’s time to break convention. Trainers have transformed a lot over the years; I remember my first ever pair, a sole so chunky it felt as if I was walking on the moon and a design that meant I always left it until the very last minute to pop them on. Functional trainers weren’t something to be proud of back then, they were something you wore to accomplish goals but not to feel epic while doing it. Fast forward to now and what you choose to wear can be the difference between simply finishing or completely smashing your goals.

The Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit 2017 is different, for starters it’s completely laceless, no more tripping over your own feet or wasting precious race time having to re-tie them. Nike have replaced the traditional lace with elastic straps that are designed to support and expand as you move and the lightweight upper wraps around your ankles and foot tightening and loosening pressure where needed. The shoe itself is ultra-thin giving your feet room to breathe and expand with every stride. It’s like putting on a super badass sock and knowing it won’t let you down.

Running is something I love to do as soon as the day’s get lighter and I’d say I’m more of an explorer than a racer. My kicks are always packed and are my first point of call whenever I’m visiting a new city or country, for me freedom means freedom to explore, which is exactly what I do. I explore my surroundings, stopping to take images, boomerangs or videos to share with others, it doesn’t matter how far I go, the time or the pace, its about feeling completely free with every step.

I ask you, what does freedom mean to you? What are your restrictions when it comes to movement? Let’s fix those little niggles and get you feeling your most free with every step.




This post has been sponsored by Nike as part of their Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit 2017 campaign.