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The GetGorgeous Guide, its something I should have given to you all years ago, it’s something I wanted to share, a way to create an online community of confident men and woman who not only move their body because they want to and eat because they can, they feel their absolute best while doing it.

Get Gorgeous to me is all about a feeling, not a look, it’s that feeling you have when your favourite track comes on and you get not only feel like a badass, you walk like one, it’s that confidence you have after an epic night of dancing or sharing stories with friends, it’s an inner glow that cannot help but glow on the outside also.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have much time, doesn’t want to spend their life in the gym or simply craves a little more routine then this 12 week Transformation plan will be perfect for you. The workouts are simple circuits, you¬†decide if you are Beginner, Intermediate or Hardcore and then plan to fit the 3 weekly workouts into your day, the only additional is to find time to fit a 40 minute walk, a 30 minute job or 10 minute HIIT session in on another two days. The plan comes with a food shopping cheat sheet, food tips, tricks and advise on stress, relaxation and managing your day.

All you need is routine, a little guidance and time, this plan will give you that as well as access to my private #GetGorgeous Facebook group, its my favourite part of the guide, an online community of people motivating and inspiring each other – come and join us!

Click here to join the GetGorgeous Family!