I’ve never been one to take a break, always finding something to do, to tidy up, to start, to finish, it’s like my body and brain only think its acceptable to stop when I’m in the cinema or sleeping. Obviously, there comes  a point when your brain or your body asks for a divorce, I reached that point.

Its funny, I can preach Balance (a word that I now find as irritating as Clean Eating and Fitspiration) to my clients and friends until the sun goes down, I can show others how to find it, put it into practice and actually reach a balance in their life, however I was doing so while completely neglecting to find it myself.

Finding Balance is very individualised, for me I need to remember to put down my phone, my laptop, the weights and find a space where I can breathe, nourish or fully be in the moment with a loved one. For others balance is about having three squares of chocolate instead of a whole bar (something I also had to work on.)

My realisation came while at a retreat a week ago, it happened almost immediately at the airport when I noticed everyone had books in their handbags and no not magazines or an educational fitness book, fun books, sexy books, self help books. In all honesty I haven’t read a non educational book since I read Northern Lights and had my heart broken. These people were making time to read, on a PR Trip! I was in awe and swiftly bought myself not one but TWO books…

Then came two realisations, the people around me were just as busy as I was and far more successful, yet they allowed themselves the first day to relax, unwind and swim, there I was banging out workout Instagrams in the beautiful gym like a woman on a mission. It wasn’t until someone asked me how i find a balance between fitness, social media and real life, i realised i didn’t – Crossfit was my ‘me time’ and although I love it it’s not very relaxing, more like very stressful, highly intense and sweaty. I realised I had let myself down, my life is my work, something I actually am very proud of but also find quite intimidating at the same time and surely if my life is my work I should be doing as I preach and striving to put myself first – which will in turn teach you guys how to do the same?

I’ve made minor changes, minor changes that have made the biggest impact. I now meditate for between seven and twelve minutes every morning post my wake up alarm, I am halfway through reading my second book and plan to read one book per month and for now any email that comes in post 8pm is left until the next day, that my friends is progress for me and I’m so excited to see how it progresses. What do you need to work on?