Something has happened on Social Media, it’s something I have been patiently waiting for. Transformation images have been flooding our feeds for years, images of people dropping dress sizes, tensing their new found muscles and sudden summer tan, they’re motivating for some and obscenely demotivating for others.

The first time I saw it my eyes smiled,two images placed next to each other like in all transformation photos, accept this time in reverse, I loved it. It was as if a virtual Mexican Wave had started, more and more men and women started sharing similar images, talking about how their love of fitness dwindled or how travelling, new relationships and chips got in the way, they didn’t hate their bodies, they just weren’t in the shape they had previously shared. I breathed a sigh of relief, people are becoming more honest.

As someone who works in the fitness industry I know how hard it can be to stay at a consistent weight, to always have to beat that food bloat and to try and be as motivating to your followers as possible, it can seem much easier to share older, leaner images of yourself but it leaves you feel empty and very dysmorphic.

I feel a change is coming and i’m so excited to ride this wave, I want to see more images of tummy rolls, stretch marks, bloated bellies, bruises from weight lifting, I want the raw honesty that comes with the journey of feeling healthier, eventually we all find the place that our body wants to be, I feel like mine is where I am right now and I don’t want to torture it anymore, I want to cherish it, do you feel the same? In line with this post i’ve just shared a new video all about the Truth of the Fitness Industry which i feel you guys will adore, you can find it here. 

Also, big love to the two ladies above, find their incredible accounts here: Anna Victoria & Amanda Bucci.